Whether you enjoy cooking or not, there’s a high chance that a well set up and equipped kitchen will motivate you to whip up some. delicacies or maybe even create a new recipe. Your cooking adventure can be a lot easier and more fun with the availability of the right tools. Apart from essential items like standard cooking pots, a set of knives, cooking spoons, and others, there is more kitchen equipment that you should explore. These sets of kitchen tools will enhance convenience in your kitchen and help you upgrade your kitchen experience significantly; 

Non-stick pan

Every household should have at least a nonstick pan for a better cooking experience. It is the perfect tool for flipping pancakes, frying eggs, making sauces, and many other foods. The coated surface prevents the food being processed from sticking to the pan while cooking it at a high or low temperature. They require little care and last as long as the coating lasts. That means you should take care not to scratch or scrape the coating while cooking or cleaning the pan.

Food processor

A food processor is an excellent kitchen aide that does more than mix or blend food. It can also be used to chop, grind, mince, puree, grate, slice, knead and perform other tasks in a few minutes. 

Dutch oven

Dutch ovens are cooking pots with thick walls and ultra-tight lids suitable for browning, searing, roasting, baking, and deep-frying. It is most especially ideal for cooking that involves extreme heat because of its ability to conduct and retain heat. An excellent Dutch oven will be a great addition to your cooking sets. 

Rice cooker

One great advantage of using a rice cooker is that it lasts for many years while performing perfectly. The rice cooker boils your rice evenly and faster than a regular cooking pot. With the rice cooker, you can worry less about the water boiling over and your food getting cold before your sauce gets done. It keeps the cooked food heated until you are ready to serve it.

Microwave Oven

With a microwave oven, you can reheat and cook your food. You may want to reheat your already cold food quickly, pop a bowl of corn, or even unfreeze frozen foods; a microwave oven saves you time and executes your tasks quickly. What’s more? A microwave oven cooks or heat foods evenly from the outside in. In case you haven’t realized it, you need a microwave oven in your kitchen.

Cooling racks

Cooling racks can perform the function of cooling baked foods and also in heating foods too. After baking, you can use the cooling rack to cool your food and or sogginess. However, if your cooling rack is oven safe, it can serve as a roasting rack too. You can cook your meat and vegetables over a cooking rack without problem because it allows hot air to circulate around and inside the food evenly. 

Pan scrapers

Pan scrapers are excellent cleaning tools suitable for removing foods stick on the pans when cleaning the dishes. They can scrape foods off stainless, non-stick, ceramics, and even glass equipment in the kitchen. They don’t only work on pans and pots. They can also be used to scrape off dirt from your stove top too. When used appropriately, pan scrapers will not cause any damage to the items you use them on.


Strainers serve everyday purposes in the kitchen, like sieving liquids from ingredients and food items, sifting larger ingredients from refined ingredients. They come in different sizes, shapes, and hole sizes to suit various needs perfectly. Examples of strainer types are; double handle colander, long handle colanders, conical strainers, pasta strainers, pot strainers, Drum sieves, and lots more. You can add a collection of filters that serve different purposes to your kitchen to make your cooking easier and neater.

Citrus squeezer

Citrus squeezers are essential kitchen equipment that makes it easier for you to extract the juice from your lemon, grapefruit, oranges, or lime. They are mostly handheld and require minimal effort to operate. Citrus squeezers will help optimize your juice extract neatly and without hassle. 

Food storage containers

How do you store your opened cereals and other foodstuffs? Food storage containers are a great way to preserve your foods, keep moisture out, and prevent pests from infesting them. Some of the benefits of using food containers are;

  • It prevents molds and bacterial growth in food.
  • It keeps your food fresh and helps in retaining taste.
  • It keeps your flaky cereals away from moisture.
  • It promotes hygiene and prevents contamination of foods.
  • It helps you to be organized.

The above and many more are the benefits that airtight food containers offer to the users. Add them to your shopping list today!

Magnetic measuring spoons

Yes, you have measuring spoons but have you tried out the magnetic ones? Magnetic measuring spoons are easier to stack together because of their magnetic feature. They are more convenient to use than their plastic counterparts.  You can also quickly disengage them to pick out the spoon you need, unlike the plastic measuring spoons held together by a ring that takes longer to remove. 

Reusable silicone bags

Also called stasher bags, reusable silicone bags are silicone and safe for storing snacks, sandwiches, and other foods both in hot and cold temperatures. Although they are not cheap, they can be used for a long time if taken care of properly. Stashers are even a safer option than plastic bags and easier to clean. They serve a similar use as food storage containers since they can also store cereals and food ingredients.

All above kitchen tools are not “unnecessary” expenses. They are essential for your convenience and will aid you in managing your kitchen better and improve kitchen hygiene. While they are not also “compulsory” items, they will eventually be needed one day after avoiding the expenses for so long. Now that you know what your kitchen has been missing, it’s time to make a list and go shopping! You may have some of the items above, no harm in that! Just pick out the ones you don’t have and upgrade your kitchen by purchasing them. Have fun shopping!