These methods of bird control will prove to be effective in terms of bird control on residential and commercial properties as they will help you in avoiding health risks, cleanup costs, property damage, code violations, expensive equipment repairs, clogged drains, and work stoppages. Bird control specialists ought to be hired to provide effective, safe, and viable solutions in terms of all types of bird problems. 

The effective methods of bird control on residential and commercial properties include shock tracks, bird netting, bird spikes, and flash tapes, and chemical repellents. 

If you want to know more about these methods, read on:

1. Bird Netting

The Netting in this case is the physical barrier that aims at humanely excluding the birds from areas like canopies, eaves, and gardens. Birds are prevented from nesting, and rooting all year round and desired locations are kept free from the bird’s nuisance by this effective method. 

2. Shock Tracks

As much as this might sound cruel, it is the easiest way of keeping birds away from any area and it is a safe and humane way. Mild electric shocks are produced when the birds land on any surface. It is not harmful but very effective in making sure that the birds are kept away from any area. These shock tracks can be glued, nailed, or discreetly laid on any surface that is either flat, or curved, plus rooflines, beams, parapet walls, and eaves. 

3. Bird Spikes

This effectively creates a no-landing zone for birds. No matter how stubborn the birds can be, these spikes will prevent them from roosting, perching, and nesting. They are designed in a way as to not cause harm, and they blend well with the surroundings. Bird spikes are preferable in areas that have narrow surfaces like ledges, above Windows, signage, security cameras, and light posts. 

4. Flash Tape and Chemical Repellents

The reflective flash tapes scare off birds using the movement from the sunlight and the wind that reflects off the Mylar tape surface. 

Why is Bird Control Important for Commercial Spaces

These points are to show you why it is important to have bird control methods in your home, commercial place:

  • Damage that is irreversible can be caused to the rooftops, equipment, and walkways by bird droppings since they are very acidic and the damage they cause can not be repaired. 
  • Components can be clogged and fires can be caused as a result of birds getting trapped in HVAC ducts or getting entangled in the equipment. 
  • Food products can be contaminated by birds which leads to foodborne illnesses and regulatory action. 
  • In commercial spaces, nesting materials and bird droppings can show a very poor image to visitors, customers, and associates. 
  • Your Employees and customers will be at high risk of potential hazards which might come as a result of the bird droppings being slippery. 
  • Hefty lines, legal action, and closure of operations can be caused by nesting materials, and bird droppings found in restaurants, processing plants, and storage facilities. 


It is very important to have effective bird control methods as they help in preventing irreversible damage, food contamination, the bad image being given to customers, and health hazards. The effective methods of bird control on residential and commercial properties include shock tracks, bird netting, bird spikes, and flash tapes, and chemical repellents.