With the clocks going back, the temperature dropping and the nights drawing in, winter is well on its way with those summer nights a distant memory now. If you love your home, you’ll want to keep it light and brighter during the winter months but it’s important to think about the best and most cost convenient ways to do this.

Here’s five top tips to keep the rooms in your home brighter even in the depths of winter:


Even in the winter months, it’s crucial to let in as much natural light as you can and windows provide the most obvious source for bringing in some sunshine. Take a close look at your windows; build up of grime and dirt can prevent as much light getting in and consider if any obstructions are blocking sunlight beaming in. Could the curtains be pulled open a little wider or do they not get opened completely as a sofa or a lampshade is in the way? If you can justify the cost, consider installing sash windows which have large panes to maximise the brightness coming in. Also, if you have blinds or shutters, consider how wide they open. Are they too thick or are the colours too dark?
It’s also worth thinking about what is on the outside. Are tree branches overgrowing and blocking any natural light coming in? Or does a climbing frame or disused shed unnecessarily get in the way.


There’s some great second hand mirror shops out there with high quality vintage mirrors which can be a great addition to any home. A large mirror or two or three small mirrors can create a roomier feel and give the impression of more space which will make it feel brighter. Mirrors can also be mounted, placed in corners or positioned on desks, ceilings or shelves. Just make sure they’re positioned firmly so they don’t end up falling on the floor.

Metallic surfaces

Like mirrors, metallic surfaces can create the illusion of more space in a single room yet metallic surfaces such as coffee tables, television stands or dining tables are more subtle than mirrors. If you’re in the process of renovating a new room such as a kitchen or dining room, consider adding some metal sheen to lighten it up. It’s easier to do it during renovation but you can add it in with the right planning.


Adding furnishings in soft light colours such as pastel green, yellows, oranges, cream or white can naturally lighten up your home but make sure the changes in furnishings sit nicely with your overall interior décor. Keeping your bed furniture light with subtle pastel colours also creates warmth as well as space. Like furnishings, lighter paint such as white or magnolia can also make a huge difference as walls are such a large space.


If your rooms are cluttered with too many sofas, coffee tables, shelves, armchairs and general junk, think about decluttering to create more natural space. With more space, there’s more room for the natural light to fill and it won’t be showing up all the dust if the unnecessary furniture is moved on or stored away.