Kitchens have never garnered so much attention, than ever before, the moment we started spending extra hours at home to adapt to a new way of living. Today, the cookhouse has become the most functional space in a home and also the most visited. This is why it’s the right time to add value to your galley by incorporating the latest trends, which are all bang on designs that can make your bakehouse pop up in 2021.

Marble is in

If there is one thing that is storming the kitchen style popularity charts is the return of the strongly veined marble. For unmissable luxury, the busier the better, marble is shaking up the interior industry like never before. Its ability to withstand passing trends and high durability makes it an excellent investment. Marble is also heat resistant, but to keep the countertop in good condition from the piping hot pots and pans it is advisable to place a kitchen towel on it. Additionally, the strongly veined marbles make a fashion statement by providing a textural contract between the metals, woods and other polished surfaces.

Incorporate backsplashes

Trying out new design elements will prove to be the key for staying with the trend without having to compromise on kitchen colors. A backsplash provides the perfect answer to add a dash of elan to your cooking space. When it comes to incorporating gorgeous and rough textures, there is nothing better than stacking stones for a backsplash. These thin stone slabs, which go into the making of this rustic veneer, will not only safeguard your kitchen walls from spills and heat, but will add warmth to an otherwise contemporary cooking space.

Install versatile storage options

Storage spaces in kitchens are not just areas to tuck away excess food, but if done right, should look like an organized place to put your shopping.This is where pantries can become game changers in modern kitchen layouts. Even though pantry cupboards have been around in kitchens since times immemorial, they have proved themselves to be must haves in any kitchen today.

It is sensible to have a larder where you can put all the food in one place, instead of scattering it around in different cupboards and drawers.This in turn eliminates the need of having a wall full of cupboards, resulting in the kitchen space looking clutter-free and clean.The freed up walls can then be then adorned with decorative art work to resemble the kitchen with more of a relaxed environment than as just a place to cook.

Make the floor a shining star

Hardwood floors ruled the roost for many years in the kitchen, but these days ceramic flooring is gathering all the attention. With a wide variety of designs, styles and sizes on offer, you can actually buy a ceramic tile which looks literally like hardwood. So consider ceramic, if you want to retain the hardwood look and better maintenance of the floor.

Apart from wood, ceramic tiles can be styled to look like natural stone, including its surface texture. In terms of size, the sky’s the limit. You can get plank tiles, in a beige and cream combo, to create a uniquely patterned kitchen.