Anyone who is concerned about the impact of decisions concerning their home design on Mother Earth may agree that using eco-friendly items in their homes is a good idea.

It does take some effort to find these eco-friendly items, though. Fortunately, here you have a list of some eco-friendly products that will help you reduce the impact of your activities on the environment while you still derive maximum utility from the items as they fulfill their function.

Tankless Water Heater


The problem with having a water heater tank in your kitchen or bathroom is that you will probably have to keep reheating the hot water after it has cooled down a bit. The water heater thus consumes a whole lot more electricity than you may be comfortable with. Enter the tankless water heater – this product will only heat up water when you need it so that there will be no wastage of fuel. It still does the job of providing you hot water, making it ideal for that purpose.

Repurposed Furniture

If you don’t want to buy brand-new furniture, then why not repurpose the wooden furniture that you do have right now? This is really a boon for those who love wood furniture but don’t have sufficient funds to buy anything new. This can also be fun because you can either apply a new color to the current furniture, or sand it down to expose the fine grain of the wood before staining it. Your dining room will definitely look a whole lot better, plus you can do the work yourself to save on labor.

Multi-Use Coffee Cups


If you are the type of person who can’t get through the day without a decent cup of coffee, then you may be gratified to learn that there are multi-use coffee cups available. A multi-use coffee cup is a welcome alternative to disposable coffee cups. Choose a multi-use coffee cup that has a stable well-fitting lid so that you can easily bring it with you to your class or to the office without spilling a drop. Just remember to bring it back home at the end of the day so you can wash it!

Environmentally Friendly Cutlery And Plates

There may be events at home when you will be inviting lots of people over, and such parties will most likely involve a lot of eating. So wouldn’t it be great to have environmentally friendly cutlery and plates ready so that you and your guests can focus on enjoying each other’s company? If you are nodding in agreement, your prayers have been answered because there are now “compostable” cutlery and plates available. These products are designed to degrade after being thrown away, so you won’t be left with a nagging feeling that you’re harming Mother Earth when you dispose of them in the trash.

Compostable Trash Bin Liners


So you are separating your trash (compostable versus non-biodegradable) and that’s definitely a good thing – until you remember that the trash bin liner itself is not biodegradable. That can really be a downer. Fortunately, there are now compostable trash bin liners available that will decompose (along with your compostable cutlery and plates) so that there won’t be an additional load in the landfill.

Table Accessories

Mealtimes will never be the same after you’ve discovered table accessories that are environmentally-friendly yet functional at the same time. Start out with placemats made from durable cotton materials which are easy to toss in the washing machine for cleaning after use. You can also buy table napkins that are made from cotton, which can go in with the placemats when it is time to clean up. To serve the meal itself, you can opt for wooden trays whose color scheme matches the color of your placemats and table napkins.

Cotton Throw Pillows


It may be necessary to buy cotton pillows for your living room if the old ones are looking a bit worn out already. Cotton is a good choice for fabric material since it breathes and it is relatively easy to care for. It is also soft enough for even babies to sit or lie down on, and the organic cotton pillows may be safe enough for them to touch.

Cotton Bedding

Comfortable bedding made from organic cotton is always a good idea especially if it comes as a set. So you can buy cotton pillows with a matching set of pillowcases and bed sheets in one design, if you like. To provide some variety, you can buy other sets in different designs. This way, you can alternate use of each set while putting soiled ones in the washing machine for a spin. The good part about this is that you can use this bedding either for warm weather or cold weather. Be sure to choose items that are sourced from sustainable farming initiatives.

Organic Mattress

You have probably wished that you could find a new mattress that doesn’t contain toxic materials or substances like pesticides, flame retardants, and polyurethane foam sourced from petroleum. You can actually find such mattresses like the Avocado Green Mattress online, but naturally you would want to know more about these before you decide to purchase one. The good news is that you can look for an Avocado Green Mattress review first so you get an idea of what you are buying. This will definitely help make your bedroom more environmentally friendly.

Woven Handicraft


If you can find woven handicrafts online, choose those that you definitely have room for. It is good to buy a few pieces that have a specific function, such as baskets in which you can stash indoor plants. You can also buy smaller woven pieces that you could place on tabletops, to house smaller house plants. You might also get a few large ones to use as hampers in each bedroom or bathroom. Well-made handicrafts will last a long time if you take good care of them, plus they can be repurposed later on.

Final Takeaway

You may want a sustainable lifestyle right now. And the great part is that it is already very possible to replace home items that are not eco-friendly with biodegradable and/or compostable alternatives instead. These are just some of the many products being offered in the market now that will help you live a sustainable lifestyle. This will also help ease the guilt that you may be contributing to Mother Earth’s demise while allowing you to enjoy life anyway.