Whether you are trying to improve the appearance of your home or simply decluttering, organizing always feels good. When you are feeling anxious, unmotivated, or lazy, organizing will enhance your mood. From a simple rearrangement of your desk to a complete house makeover, the organization’s benefits are indisputable. Here are a few life and mental health benefits of being organized.

1. Attaining Control Over Your Environment

Being organized gives you a level of control over your environment. When you are going through a hard time, it may seem like you have little to no control over what is happening. Being organized in your thoughts, actions, and environment offers a sense of security and control. It can be empowering and consoling.

If you spend a lot of your time in an enclosed space, organization is even more important. Getting rid of clutter is liberating, and it gives you better control over your life.

2. Reducing the Signs of Stress and Depression

Organizing your space can reduce the signs of stress, anxiety, and depression. Studies suggest that you are likely to feel tired and stressed if you live in a cluttered or disorganized home. You may have high levels of cortisol which is a stress hormone. The organization will leave you feeling most rested and at peace.

If you are always coming home to piles of dirty laundry or going to a messy office, you are likely to experience high fatigue levels. It may affect your sleep, mood, and general health.

Taking the time to organize and spruce up your space is not just physical. It will make you feel better.

3. Finding Calm

Organizing and cleaning are linked to lowering stress and anxiety levels. If your space is disorganized, it looks and feels like ‘unfinished business.’ Even when you aren’t thinking much about it, it subconsciously makes you feel stressed.

You may realize that simple tasks like taking the trash out, washing your clothes, washing the dishes, and organizing your desk help you feel calmer. They may put you in a state of meditation. After cleaning, everything seems fresh and new. You may be more productive.

4. Improving Your Relationships

Did you know that a general organization can improve the quality of your relationships? It improves mental clarity and may boost your connection with family and friends. Clutter promotes a sense of tension which is bad for couples. It is likely to cause strain.

Disorganization is a source of shame, and a messy space can keep you from inviting people over. It may encourage you to shut others out. Disorganization will create both emotional and physical barriers around you.

5. Improving Productivity at Work

Organization at the office may improve your productivity. When you are feeling unmotivated or less productive than usual, take a look at your surroundings. Simple things like filing your emails, handling your storage, and arranging your files may be enough to boost your productivity. You may realize that organizing your office gives you the energy and confidence boost that you need. A little effort can go a long way.

6. Improving Your Attention Span and Focus

Did you know that organization helps you focus and be more productive at work? Studies suggest that clutter makes it difficult to pay attention to one task. You are likely to find your mind wandering as your field of view may be overwhelming. The organization makes your mental space feel fresh.

7. Finding Inspiration

The organization makes it easy to find inspiration. Since your mind can focus, you can reflect on things that inspire and motivate you. During the cleaning process, you may run into objects that inspire you. Thinking about old hobbies, people, or events may inspire you to do something new.

8. Increasing ‘Me Time’

An organization may help increase your personal time. You may have more time to focus on important issues instead of worrying about the environment. When there is a lot of clutter in your space, it feels like there is a lot to do. Your personal needs are likely to take a back seat. Unfortunately, this is reflected in other parts of your life as well.

An organization may help foster a healthy lifestyle. When you have planned out your activities, meals, and other aspects of your life, you are likely to eat healthily, get enough sleep, and work out. You are likely to find inspiration to do the things that need to be done.

9. Letting Go Of Unnecessary Things

The organization makes it easy to get rid of the unnecessary things in your life. Unfortunately, clutter weighs you down. When you get rid of it, you have the opportunity to bring in something new. Hoarding is terrible for your health. It may promote feelings of shame, guilt, and fear. The organization makes it easy to determine what is essential and what needs to go.

10. Getting Better Sleep

Organization equals less stress which translates to better sleep. Keeping your space neat and free of clutter gives you a general sense of peace. However, the organization helps you sleep in other ways too. Keeping your bedroom clean and free of clutter may promote good sleep. Studies show that about 75 percent of people who get high-quality sleep have clean sheets and bedding. They experience more physical comfort.

Aside from cleaning your bedroom and bedding, experts also suggest that you avoid chaos in the last minutes leading to your bedtime. If you are running up and down trying to pay bills, send out emails, or beta deadlines close to your sleep, you are likely to have a hard time falling asleep.

In conclusion, organizing your space can be as good as organizing your mind. It is generally straightforward, and its results will reflect in all parts of your life. Fortunately, an organization is not about perfection. It is about making changes that make you feel better. Small changes in your routine can be helpful. The benefits of an organization include getting better sleep, improving your productivity at work, gaining control over your environment, and alleviating the signs of depression.