Top 5 signs of foundation problems

Your house may be new but still it may require foundation repair. If you already have that sinking feeling that maybe something is wrong with your house and you suspect you’re dealing with foundation issues you need to look out for this top 5 signs anybody can see, that indicated foundation damage.
This sighs can be either external or internal that if quickly noticed can save you huge foundation repair cost.

Exterior signs of foundation damage:

  • Cracks beginning at a corner and leading towards a door or a window.
  • Your home seems not to be level; one side could be higher or lower than the other.
  • Sagging or cracked chimney.

Interior signs of foundation damage:

  • Overly bowed walls which may have cracks.
  • Gaps between the wall and floor.

Causes of foundation damage:
Potential foundation repair can be something that strikes fear in our hearts. It is important that we are aware of the causes of these foundation problems so that we can protect our most valuable asset that sustains the foundation of our families.

(a) Flooding: When the soil has flooded around the foundation of your home it is very important that you ensure you have drained it. Flooding causes the soil to exert pressure on our foundation walls ending up with a bowing wall.

(b) Tress to close to the house: large trees near your home should be cut down simply because their large roots put pressure on the foundation and might end up with foundation problems.

(c) Frost heave: The type of soil on which the foundation of your home sits on can also cause foundation problems. This happens because of the contraction and expansion of soil.

(d) Poor construction: If your house was not properly constructed that is the right materials such as steel weren’t used, then you might end up with foundation damage easily.

(e) Hot weather: Hot weather could cause the soil beneath your home to be depleted of water and moisture and end up shrinking. Shrinking soil beneath your house could cause movements in the foundation which could lead to foundation issues.

5 Foundation repair myths:
Foundation repair myths
1.Filing cracks will fix the problem: Most probably you have done this before or have seen someone do it. Filling the cracks in a building can be a necessary preventive measure for most homeowners but if the problem is foundation damage, this will not help solve the problem.

2.Cracks might be used to tell the source of the problem: Although the most logical thing to do seems to be to follow the visible cracks back to their source to determine the problem, it’s not really accurate, when your experiencing foundation damage. Foundation issues are invisible forces that are caused in one area and can cause cracks in another.
Foundation damage is always caused by poor construction
3.Foundation damage is always caused by poor construction: it is easy to imagine that poor construction is the single cause of foundation problems, it’s not entirely true. Foundation problems can result from a number of factors for example drainage and not just poor construction.

4.Foundation Problems are always very expensive to fix: Although foundation repairs are mostly costly, it’s not always the same in all cases. If your foundation problems were discovered very early before it got worse, it might not be that expensive to fix. If your foundation repair does not need the involvement of complex construction equipment that raises repair costs then your repair cost will be very low. AbryBros is one of the companies that do quality foundation repairs at a reasonable cost.
Never purchase a home with foundation problems
5.Never purchase a home with foundation problems: Purchasing a home with foundation problems doesn’t make sense at all. But there instances, that purchasing a home with foundation problems makes a lot of sense. You should research on the cost of fixing the problem in all scenarios before jumping into conclusion.

The cost of fixing a home with foundation problems:

When you’re finally sure your home has foundation problems and needs foundation repair. The first thing to do is to find a structural engineer with experience in fixing foundation problems. After assessing the extent of the foundation damage, the engineer should be able to give you an estimate of the repair cost. The cost of repairing your foundation is determined by the extent of the foundation damage.

Regardless of the cost, your house is one of your most valuable asset that ensures the safety of your valuables and loved ones but it all depends on the foundation. Ensure the safety of your loved ones and valuables by making sure that your foundation is in the best condition possible.