When it comes to home decor, many people assume that there’s not much that you can do with an apartment. And that’s because the spaces are typically smaller than a house. Also, there may be certain contractual agreements that prevent you from making any major changes. However, most apartment dwellers would be surprised to learn that decorating an apartment can be just as easy and fun as decorating a house. Here are a few ways that you can add character to your apartment.

1. Custom Pillows

Custom pillows can really tie your design together. All it takes is choosing the right colors and patterns in order to create a unifying theme. However, there are times in which it can be difficult to find the exact colors and patterns that you need. In this case, you should consider purchasing custom pillows. This way, you’ll be able to achieve the exact affect that you like and bring your theme to life.
Custom Pillows

2. Vintage Rug

A great way to add character to your apartment is to decorate with a vintage rug. Vintage accents can make your apartment seem more chic and upscale. This is especially the case if your unit features hardwood floors. These rugs can usually be found in consignment stores and antique shops.

3. Textured Rugs

Perhaps you aren’t interested in the vintage look but like the idea of adding a rug to the space. In this instance, you may want to consider playing with different textures. Search for braided, wool rugs.

4. Style the Mantle

Does your apartment have a fireplace and mantle? Well, use this space in order to color coordinate. Add colorful vases to the mantle. Hang a large mirror just above it. Place a large candle holder and basket at the base of the fireplace.

5. Art

If you would like to give your apartment extra character, add art. You may opt for one large piece. You could also create a gallery of small pieces. If you want to create a modern or contemporary theme, try to think outside of the box. Choose a piece that doesn’t require a frame. For instance, you could hang fabric or a sculpture.

6. Faux Fireplace

Luckily, you don’t have to pay extra money for a fireplace. Why not use a faux fireplace? Not only can it emit heat in the winter, but it can also help to add a touch of personality to your space. Faux fireplaces come in a variety of materials, so there’s a lot of options available. You may even consider building it yourself.

7. Curtains

The great thing about curtains is that they help you to control the lighting, temperature, and noise in your home. However, they can also be a great addition when it comes to decor. The type of fabric and color you choose will play a huge role in the look of your room. For instance, if you’re interested in creating an environment that’s light and airy, opt for sheer white curtains.

8. Modern Chairs

Sometimes adding character to your apartment can be as simple as incorporating a statement piece. For instance, if you want a contemporary look, then swap out a chair. Search for something that combines several different materials such as chrome and leather.

9. Antique Style Signs

Antique signs are an excellent way to give your apartment a little personality. Particularly, antique signs can bring the past into the present. Look for signs that appear to be rusted. Perhaps it looks as if it was salvaged from an old factory or grocery store. It may even advertise an old product that is no longer in production.
Antique Style Signs

10. Old Fashion Accents

Give your apartment a chic vibe with old fashion accents. Search around for an old fashion typewriter or telephone that you can position on your desk. Place an old alarm clocks on your end table. Decorate the base of your fireplace with an old fashion lantern.


While an apartment may not offer you all of the conveniences of a house, you can still add your own sense of style to it. And in most cases, this won’t require any major construction work. Simply pay attention to the accents.