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For a shiny look that is going to stay for a long time, you need to find ways of maintaining the shine of your granite countertops. That includes regular care and routine cleaning. If you fail to maintain granite countertops regularly, they will dull and eventually get stained beyond recognition. Unfortunately, as time goes by, acidic substances etch the countertop surfaces causing them to appear dull and faded. Here is how to bring back shine to granite countertops:
Use dish soap and other soap-based cleaners

Countertops are a busy and unique feature in the kitchen. They are often heavily used and a touch point for many people. It’s important to clean them regularly to remove tough stains, soap scum, and polish them to keep their shine. Dull granite countertops can be restored to their former glory by simply spraying with soap and water, scrubbing them with a sponge, then wiping them clean. This procedure will remove any soapy film that may have accumulated on the surface. And it won’t damage the stone.

Use polishing powder

Are your countertops looking a bit worn? Polishing powders are the quick and easy way to bring them back to their shine. They’re a great alternative to resurfacing your counters or purchasing new ones, but you need to pick the right powder. Natural stone countertops vary in hardness and will respond differently to different polishing powders. So before buying any, do some research into what would be best for your counters.

Reseal the countertops

Once you’ve polished your granite countertops, you will keep them looking like new for years to come. Sealers such as quartz and silicate leave a protective coating on the stone that prevents stains from penetrating the surface of the granite. For best results, use a sealer recommended by the installer or manufacturer. After cleaning the surfaces, use a rag or spray bottle to apply the sealer on the surfaces, giving them an even coat. After the sealer has dried, apply another coat to provide more effective protection for your countertops.

Refinish the countertops

The quickest way to remove surface damage from granite countertops is to refinish or re-polish these areas, as well as the entire surface. You can also use an electric belt sander, but these may be unsuitable for large commercial counters because they tend to leave tracks and dull edges. If your countertops are deeply etched from acidic substances, chances are they require professional removal with a grinder or stone polisher.

Keep the shine

To keep the shine, you should ensure you don’t use any abrasive or acidic cleansers. You should note these include household cleaners, so be ultra-cautious when using the cleaners. Prior to using any cleaner on your surfaces, always confirm whether it’s acidic content. Keep acidic foods such as lemons, tomatoes, limes, and alcohol away from your countertops. If you have to place them there, ensure they are in a bag.