As we all know, the preservation of abrasive grinding wheels and abrasive cutting wheels is very important. If stored improperly, it is possible that the performance of the entire batch will be greatly affected. How can we reduce these unnecessary attenuations well? It is necessary to choose the appropriate grinding disc and cutting disc packaging.

In BINIC abrasive company, there are many kinds of packaging methods for grinding wheels and cutting wheels, the most common are

  • shrink,
  • inner box
  • master carton.

Depending on the size of the grinding disc and cutting disc, the number of shrink pieces is different, but most are 5 pieces per shrink, 10 pieces per shrink, and 25 pieces per shrink. Generally, 115mm and 125mm cut off discs are 10 pieces per shrink, 100 pieces per inner box, and 400 pieces per master carton. 180mm cut off discs are 5 or 10 pieces per shrink, 50 pieces per inner box, and 200 pieces per master carton. 230mm and above cutting discs are mostly 5 pieces per shrink, 25 pieces per inner box, and 100 pieces per master carton. Regardless of the size of the grinding wheel, it is usually 5 pieces per shrink, 10 pieces per inner box or 25 pieces per inner box.

If the customer does not have a clear request, we generally use the conventional packaging method of :

  • shrink,
  • inner box
  • master box.

If the customer proposes the packaging method they want, we will make it according to the customer’s request. Generally, we can stick some simple black and white labels on the inner box. If guests need to stick color labels, they need to add money. If customers who need an inner box want to add a colored logo to the box, this will also require an additional charge. Different levels of customization requirements correspond to different packaging prices. The master carton generally has a shipping mark and a general format, and some customers have a fixed format. If the customer does not have a fixed format, we can also provide some options for him. In addition to regular packaging, we also have sets, including iron boxes, color boxes, plastic boxes and more. Generally, small-sized abrasives cutting off discs are packed in iron boxes with 25 pieces per iron box. In particular, most of the 105mm abrasive cutting discs are 50 pieces per iron box. The color label on the set box also needs to be charged separately, and the specific charging standard needs to be discussed with the customer.

How to choose the right packaging method?

For customers with relatively small volume and no special packaging requirements, we generally recommend the conventional three-piece packaging method of shrink, inner box and master box. For customers who have their own ideas and special requirements, we will package the products in the way they want. All our actions follow the customer’s requirements.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right metal cutting wheel for the job often depends on the goals of the operation. If cutting speed is paramount, then some compromises may have to be made on product life – and vice versa. For more information, please contact us.