Out of all the rooms in the house, no one likes to clean the bathroom. But, bathroom cleaning is a part of adulting and also happens to be the sanctuary we all retire to, to relieve ourselves. One look at a dirty bathroom could send us to a dilemma if we should really clean it or not. This confusion arises due to one not knowing which part of the bathroom to start cleaning.

With that being said, let us take a quick look at some maintenance tips one can follow when it comes to cleaning their bathroom. 

#1: Remove toiletries and other items

Many people tend to clean the bathrooms in a rush without removing the items in them. Due to this reason, they tend to miss out on some dirty spots while cleaning the room. 

For this very reason, it is important to get rid of the toiletries from the bathroom that are found around the bathtub, on the counters, and even near the sink. Make sure to get rid of the trash can as well. 

#2: Dust then wipe

A common error that many tend to make is to wipe using a wet cloth or mop across all surfaces of the bathroom without dusting it first. The dust layered up on the surface makes the surface grimy. 

Apart from dusting, the cobwebs must be tackled as well. Be careful while cleaning the cobwebs around delicate and fragile fixtures in the bathrooms such as lights. Following the dusting of the entire bathroom, make sure that all the debris fallen on the floor is broomed away. 

#3: Bleach is your holy grail product

Bleach is one of the most commonly used products when it comes to bathroom cleaning, may it be to remove stains or sanitize surfaces from bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. 

Bleach can be harmful to human skin so it must be utilized with great caution. It is always better to start using a lower concentration of bleach. Bleach also comes with a strong odor and breathing it directly could cause damage to your respiratory tract. 

Additionally, make use of the bleach with cold water and not hot water. Also, ever use bleach in its concentrated state.  

#4: Bathroom Cleaner/Cleaning agent for Grimes

Some people prefer to skip out on bleach due to its dangerous nature. An alternative that they use to get rid of grime and stains from the bathroom is a cleaning agent.

The bathroom cleaner or a cleaning agent does not work instantaneously but requires the liquid to stay in the dirty area for 15 minutes before it is wiped off. 

If the dirt is stubborn, add biological washing powder to warm water and leave it across the affected area overnight. Rinse the treated surface thoroughly the next day before using the bathroom. 

#5: Install automatic fittings

With technology advancing day by day, the types of bathroom fittings being produced have enhanced drastically. 

Some examples of such automatic fittings include automatic soap dispensers, integrated automatic faucets, and even automatic urinal flushers. There are quite a few companies that are selling these types of products and Oltsw is one major competitor in the industry. 

#6: Deal with plughole dirt

All our wastes exit through plugholes, which also happen to be a place where grime, dirt, debris, and other sorts of buildup accumulate. It not only causes a nasty odor but also is quite ghastly to look at.

One natural home remedy you can use to get rid of it is a mixture of vinegar and sodium bicarbonate being poured down the drain. Many follow this procedure by spraying lemon juice around the area to get rid of the strong odor. 

#7: Clean the toilet

The toilet may be one of the dirtiest parts of the bathroom and ensuring it is clean is important. The right kind of toilet brush must be used to scrub against the walls of the toilet.

If buildup is still visible, accompany the brush with an all-purpose cleaner followed by flushing the toilet. Do not forget to clean the exterior of the toilet bowl with the same all-purpose cleaner followed by wiping it down with a cloth. 

#8: Clean the floor

After tackling all parts of the bathroom, the floor must be dealt with in the end. To clean the floor various types of equipment can be used including a handheld vacuum and even hair-catchers in your drain.

Take hold of your mop and submerge it in a bucket full of water set at room temperature. The cleaning solution must be diluted in this water which would be used to mop the toilet floor. 

Once the bathroom dries out, place the toiletries back, replace the trash can, and lay out a fresh set of bathroom rugs. 


It is quite important to ensure that the bathroom is kept spick and span and to do so it must be cleaned at least 2 or 3 times a week.

Hope the above tips helped aid you in how you can clean and maintain your bathroom even better.