How to Control Stable and Houseflies?

Flies are a nuisance, it doesn’t matter how much space there is, they seem to spend their time buzzing around your head. But, it’s more than that.

Flies aren’t just a nuisance, they can also carry an array of diseases. This makes them a dangerous threat, you need to take steps to control all types of flies, this will offer the best possible protection for yourself and your family.

Stable Flies

Stable Flies
The good news regarding stable flies is that they tend to stay outside; it is rare to find them indoors.

However, their bite is painful enough that it will stop your picnic, especially if there are several of them around.

Their preferred location is the stables, dog kennels, or along the seashore. They are attracted to animal waste and will breed in it, particularly livestock waste.

If you want to eliminate the stable flies near you then you should start by getting rid of the livestock waste. Removing wet bedding is also a good idea.

Without their preferred living quarters they will simply move on to pastures new.

It is also possible to use residential insecticides to eliminate any flies you see. Of course, as with any insecticide, you should be careful about where you are spraying it.

House Flies

These are also attracting to waste and decomposing materials. However they are not concerned just with livestock waste, they will consume almost anything. This makes them a bigger risk as they are more likely to be in your home.
House Flies
Fortunately controlling them is comparatively simple:

  • Electronic Traps

You’ve seen the electronic buzzers zapping flies in shops and restaurants. Well, you can also purchase these fly control devices for your home; and they are very effective.

  • Clean Up

House flies need food and water to live, if you break part of this cycle they won’t be able to multiply and will quickly become an old problem.

One easy step you can take t help control the flies is to clean your home, disinfect all services, and make sure all open food packets are placed inside sealed containers. Don’t forget all waste needs to go into a sealed bin.

The result is that the flies are unable to find any food to eat; they’ll go elsewhere rather than die!

  • Screens

Fly screens across your doors and windows are also a very effective way of keeping the flies out of your home, preventing them from breeding and becoming an issue. Of course, you’ll need to make sure that the fly screens are in good condition, broken fly screens are the same as having no screens!

  • Fly Traps

You can purchase a fly trap or make your own. In essence, you simply need an upside-down bottle top leading to the base of the bottle which has a sweet liquid in it. The flies will get in but be unable to get out.

Alternatively, you can use adhesive tape, flies like the smell but can’t get off the tape once they’re attached.