Your bedroom is your personal space and your getaway sanctuary. It is a place where you are supposed to feel at home and relaxed. Therefore there is no doubt that such a room should be expressive of your own emotions when it comes to colors, arrangements, setting and decoration. Decorating your bedroom should come naturally to you, but if you are someone who wants to put actual thought and planning into it then here are a few things that you can do.

Choosing a soothing palette

Talking about decorations, the first and the foremost thing that impacts your overall room décor is the color palette of things. These things may include walls, curtains and furniture.  Psychologically soothing shades and monochromatic tones of a palette may be better than the bold primary colors. You can go for gentle hues like lavender, blue or green in order to create a cozy and calming environment. However toned down versions of browns, red and topaz may also work out if they are within your favorites. In fact, go for the colors that you feel affiliation too and feel calm around. 

Decorating the ceiling

Remember that the ceiling is an important part of your room especially when you lay down. People may use various methods to design their ceilings in order for it to appear more comforting. You can go for a pattern that may help you sleep or may be just soft colors to help visually lower the ceiling so that you can feel intimacy and relax. Many people turn towards adding many architectural elements or wallpaper on the ceiling. Many may find it more attractive to paint scenarios or stars on it. Other people might just hand some decorative ones too. It all depends upon what scenery you want before you, when you stare at the 5th wall above you. 

Cozy and Simple

Remember that your bedroom is your own space. It is not like your living room that may be frequented with people. Therefore it should be a place that appears cozy to you. A simple yet sophisticated look is better than the one with a lot of materials overtaking your space. It is recommended to keep your bedroom as spacious as possible with as little furniture as possible. Being easily able to move around and find space for you is the actual purpose of a bedroom decoration. Another thing is your bedside decoration. This too should be simple and not cluttered up.

Furniture in your bedroom

The furniture of your bedroom   should not be too spacious. In fact your bedroom does not need a lot of furniture to begin with. Try to fit in as little furniture in your bedroom as possible. Don’t go for heavy furniture that you can’t easily redecorate. Plus focus upon the right sizing of the furniture, not just in width but length too considering the length of the furniture can impact the overall visibility of the room. The other furniture that you may need around may be the dresser, or a study table and a closet. Other than that there’s no need to clutter up your own space. Your bed is the most important piece of furniture in your bedroom. Make sure that it is not only comfortable but also in a comfortable place. Moreover you should have furniture with plenty of storage space within your bedroom considering you may need to store things here and there. Having good lightning options also impacts the visibility of your bedroom. 


Your bedroom is your personal space that should be dedicated to your relaxation and enjoyment. You should dedicate yourself with a space surrounded by space for you to carry out many activities like reading, painting, sleeping and even enjoying.  Invest into the colors, ceilings, furniture, sheets, wall decorations and any other room decor ideas  that may make you feel like home. In fact, work out a place where you can recharge and calm yourself.