Lock drilling is the last step when not any process is working. It is destruction and requires replacement. Many people around the world might face this problem. People locked doors for security issues. It is very common, but it becomes concerned when it doesn’t open.

After several processes when it remains unlocked, then comes to the question of gimleting out. It is destruction and the last effort. People might do it to enter into the room. So, to know the details process of drilling out the lock, keep reading.

The Process to Drill out the lock

To drill out a particular lock is not easy. It requires some process because proper gimleting is important for smooth operation. The process consists of two parts.

  1. Examine 
  2. Drilling 


It means to check the tier and proper equipment for gimleting the locker. 

Checking the lock

Locks have many forms. Some have a centre pin made of hard steel, and others have a ball bearing in the middle centre to stop gimleting. In both cases, drilling would be ineffective, and Other methods must be used.

If you are unclear about the pin of the tier, talk with local lock hardware or locksmith, and give all relevant information to them. It is also very significant to double-check that you are working with basic Tumbler lock and this will make you able to lockout as well as be sure that all systems related to security like the alarm are switched off. 

Get the right equipment

If you used a very old method to open the deck, you might not need many tools to open it. But in the connection of penetrating, you must need the proper equipment.

  • Variable speed power drill: you must need a well-maintained and very powerful drill so that you can easily drill the lock because it isn’t easy by hand. 
  • Many forms of drill bits: No bit will not work for others. You need a proper bit to work better. We have a few to experience various types of gimleting bits.

Take 1/8 (3mm) bit

In most of the cases, if it works, you will be able to start with that and work with 8 inches to your lock. If it doesn’t work, go to your neighbour and ask them for relatively small bits rather drill it out completely. 

Central punch with a hammer

Give a punch with a hammer at the hole point. It will pose a centre position for further operation. Keep the point just below the swear life and divide it between the inner and outer cylinder of the lock that makes the drilling point centre. This must be good enough to drill out effectively. If you face difficulties finding out points, you can buy lock drilling templets. You can also collect this from a locksmith shop or local hardware shop.


When you check out the deck successfully and determine the right equipment for gimleting the locker. Then come to the process of drilling. It involves five steps.

Step 1

Make a hole in the lock cylinder by the guideline point. It destroys the pin inside the locker and forces you to open the locker. Most of the decks have 5 pins, but some have more than 6 pins. It would help if you held the gimleting machine stronger as it encounters the pins.

Step 2

It would be best if you moved slowly while drilling out the lock not so quickly or not so fast because fast drilling may result in breaking drilling bits. You can use oil, lubricant, or little water to the head of the drilling point. It makes the work easier. Keep the drilling machine to the focused point because while drilling it in angle can damage other parts of the locker. 

Step 3

Take larger bits to drill out the locker. Take ¼ (6.5 mm) bits to break down the large pins and open the locker. 

Step 4

Insert a blade in the flat-headed screwdriver into the locker head. Then you should turn the locking mechanism as you turn a key to a locker. If you drilled correctly, you could enter into the locker room. If it doesn’t work, you must destroy the entire locker as I described the process in step 5. 

Step 5

Sometimes some locker seems more complicated to open and requires larger drill bits to open the locker. Take 3 /4 bits (19 mm) to drill the hole especially cylinder tubular lock bit. It is generally 3.75 inches and equal to saws used to drill a larger hole. This process drills the entire locker and successfully destroyed the cabinet. Then you can get access to the room again. 

Last Notes

It happens many times that we lock the door and can’t get access to the room again. In this situation, we try to drill the lock. This process isn’t as simple as we think. For doing the right kind of drilling, firstly you have to check the locker and decide the right equipment to drill out. Then you might focus on the right drilling that I described by 5 steps.