Let’s admit it, we all have struggled with a compact room at some point in our lives. While it may seem like decorating that confined space is near impossible, some basic hacks can, in fact,  help you furnish a compact room beautifully. If you’re wondering what it takes to take your small bedroom from drab to fab, check out our basic five-pointer checklist to get sorted. PS: it’s not going to cost you a great deal!

Allow For Plenty of Natural Light

A closed area with little or no sunlight feels significantly smaller than it actually is. Factor in a couple of windows in your home architecture if it’s a compact space you’re dealing with. Also ensure your bedroom faces the sunrise so you have plenty of sunrays coming through all day. Connect various light points so every part of your room can be individually lit up. Make sure your bedroom is well ventilated with more than one entry/exit point for cross ventilation. Ample light gives the illusion of a larger space and let’s face it, makes the place a whole lot brighter in every sense! 

De-Clutter The Floor Space

Try and free up maximum floor space for increase your area of movement. No, we don’t mean doing away with essentials such as your dressing or bed. All you need to look at are compact fixtures that aren’t necessarily free-running. For example, opt for entertainment unit that is Wall-Mounted. Modern entertainment units come with a sleek and stylish design that lends a touch of minimalism to your room. All you need is this entertainment console in your room to hold your media devices. This gives the entire bedroom a cleaner and more open vibe. Your dressing area could very well also be wall-mounted to free up space with a slidable seat you can pull out when you need to. 

Place A Full-Length Mirror

A full-length mirror strategically placed gives the illusion of a larger space. You could convert this mirror into a beautiful piece of wall art by going with an antique Victorian frame. You could also have a chest of drawers and a dressing seat sliding out adding a classic touch to your interiors. Another great way to make it an accent piece is to create a geometric pattern of gradual colour tint on it. Any way you wish to decorate a mirror, know that it will this up the aesthetic quotient of your room, it will also give the illusion of a bigger space. PS: the larger the mirror the better it is! 

Use Horizontal Definition On Walls

The idea is to adorn your walls with a horizontal definition of whatever you choose. Whether it’s wallpaper, paint or even wood panelling, have a design that runs horizontally across the width of the room. If you’re painting a wall, choose an exciting pair of colours door a stripes design. For a wooden wall, place planks horizontally to give the illusion of length. This way, even a small room can be made to appear spacious and roomy.

Choose Subtle Colours

Try to opt for softer colours door a bedroom that’s short of space. Go with subtle lilac, cream or mild blues as these colours don’t absorb much heat and tend to give your bedroom an open and spacious vibe. If you wish to add a splash of colour, you could choose one accent wall with a darker hue, or even some textured paint/artwork. Even for the furniture in the room, go with softer colours to give it a roomy feel. An all-white look is a timeless bedroom color that never goes out of vogue.