Home improvement is an ongoing activity what with constantly evolving trends and taste. More often than not, what holds us back from splurging is our purse strings. But, what if you told you a luxury home is achievable on a budget? All it takes is some tweaks, some additions and some omissions to get your dream home. Here’s our checklist on basic activities you can understand to give your home a more luxurious appeal! 

Keep Your Interiors Minimal

Minimalism never goes out of style. Also, minimalism costs nothing! Avoid cluttering your home with unnecessary furniture or artefacts. They make your floor space seem smaller than it actually is. Instead, opt for a minimalistic decor approach with a few furniture items sprinkled around at strategic places. And while you’re at it, make sure everything you select for one section of your home carries the same colour and design theme. Whether bright, subtle, mosaic or abstract – you can pick what you like, but maintain consistency. This paints a pleasing inform picture to the eye.

Hang Art On Your Walls

Decorating your home with art is a great way to express your personality and add an elegant touch to your home. It’s a sure-shot way for that lunch of affordable luxury. Art is also an easy conversation starter when you have people over. You don’t have to opt for extravagant original art that is going to make a dent in your savings. Instead, go with simple paintings or wall-mounted fixtures that add a dash of deflection in your home. Another advantage of Wall-Mounted decor is that it negates the necessity of ones on the floor, leaving you a wider floor space for mobility and hosting. They’re also easy to manage and clean.

Add An Accent Furniture

A statement piece of furniture in your living room can add volumes to it’s charm. Based on your taste and the space available, you could go with a chesterfield chair, a wingback chair or even a chaise lounge. A good old rocking chair or a ceiling suspended egg chair are great options too. To increase the perception of space and opulence you could also have a stylish coffee table & chair tucked away by a window near shelf of books. It will lend a warm & chic charm to your home. If you frequently have guests over for drinks, a cosy bar corner is also something you could consider to up the luxury quotient in your home.

Invest In Outdoor Decor

The exterior of your home makes the first impression for the rest of it. Make sure it leaves a lasting impact by giving outdoor decor your attention. If your home has the luxury of a large outdoor area, use it to your advantage. Create a gazebo and decorate it with some beautiful outdoor furniture. This will soon before your favourite hosting spot when you have guests over. Click here to check out some stylish options in. You could also sow a garden patch and set up the area with pretty garden stools and artefacts. A small effort can go a long way in giving your home exterior a luxurious appeal. 

Sectionalise Your Home

A spacious home is a luxury home. And if you’re looking to score big on luxury, focus on how you can make even a compact space seem roomy. A great way to do this is to sectionalise your home. Make a separate tuck away corner with a cosy rug, some books and a table as a coffee corner. If you have indoor stairs, create your child’ play nook underneath the stairs so the mess is restricted. A spare room could be doubled up as the media area where your children’s games, videos and movies can play. Sectionalising your home makes even a compact home look spacious, well-designed and luxurious.