Ants are frustrating bugs. They often seem to appear out of nowhere, and they won’t go away without persistent treatment. While it might seem like ants are just a part of summertime, it’s important that you get rid of them right away. Ants spread germs around the kitchen, and, depending on the species, they can cause serious damage to the walls.

The professionals at Ant Control Toronto recommend that you eliminate food sources and treat the home with bait. The problem should subside within a few days or weeks. If the ants persist, contact a local exterminator for help. 

Here’s how you can get rid of ants in and out of the house.

Clean up the House 

The first step of any pest control program is to eliminate sources of food. This helps to prevent the colony from growing any further and attracting more ants into the house. So, vacuum and mop the floors regularly to clean up crumbs. Store food in airtight containers and don’t leave anything out for the ants to find. You should also wash the dishes and take the garbage out every day. 

Set Baits

Baits work well against ants because of how their colonies function. Queen ants stay in their nests while scout ants go foraging for food. Whatever they find, they bring back into the nest to feed their queen. Therefore, putting baited traps in areas of ant activity will bring bait right into the nest where it will eliminate the queen. Purchase some baits from the hardware store and place them wherever you have seen ants in the house. Then, wait a few weeks for the ants to go away.

Erase Ant Trails with Vinegar

Ants leave scent trails behind them to notify other ants where they can find food. Erasing these trails sometime after you set bait will help to prevent more ants from moving indoors. Clean them up with a mixture of 1 part vinegar and 3 parts water. Spray the surfaces on which you have seen ants, then wipe them clean to remove the scent of ants.

Seal Points of Entry 

Ants crawl into the house via the openings in the walls. If you can seal these up, you’ll be less likely to get any pests at all. Start by weatherstripping the front and back door, then check on your windows. Make sure that your window screens are intact and that there are no cracks in the frames. Plug weep holes with metal mesh covers and fix cracks in the foundation with an epoxy. Indoors, seal gaps in the baseboards with a transparent caulking.

Spray Exterior Nests 

Ants come from outside. Examine the exterior of your home very closely and look for ant activity. If there are ants moving in and out of a hole in the wall or the deck, there may be a nest inside. Spray the nest and the surrounding area with an insecticide that is formulated for ants. Keeping exterior ants under control helps to keep them out of the house. 

Replace Rotting Wood 

Carpenter ants nest in soft, decaying wood. They chew their way through old decks, sheds, and siding, then crawl into the house where their colonies spread further. Keep your wooden structures in good shape so you can avoid this. Replace soft pieces of wood and reduce moisture. If your deck needs replacing, consider using PVC decking or another material that will last.  

Hire an Ant Control Professional 

Getting rid of ants can be tricky because it can be hard to tell where they are coming from. Carpenter ants are especially troublesome since they love to nest indoors. So, contact an exterminator as soon as you need help. Ant control professionals have access to high quality baits and insecticides that get rid of nests in a flash. They can find where a nest is located and help exclude your home, so this doesn’t happen again. Professionals also offer preventative perimeter treatments so you can be bug-free all summer long. Contact a local exterminator for the most reliable ant removal.