There are thousands of dog breeds worldwide, but few compare to the pomeranian in terms of adorability. This dog breed is popularly known for its fluffy coat and small stature. However, this coat requires adequate care including the best shampoo for pomeranians to look their best. Failure to groom carefully would make your canine look unkempt and rabid-looking.

So, here are some facts on the pomeranian and how to properly groom this adorable companion.

Facts About The Pomeranian

This dog breed weighs between 3-7 pounds on average, which means you can carry them quite easily. Also, the average height for these dog breeds is between 6-7 inches.

It features a rich coat that varies in texture depending on age. Most Pomeranians are brown, which makes them look amazingly similar to foxes. They have great personalities and are generally cheerful. If you’re looking for an adorable canine to give a home, this should be one of the best options.

How To Groom A Pomeranian

A Pomeranian is one of the many dog breeds that need to be appropriately taken care of to keep them healthy and display their full beauty. Below are five simple steps on how to groom them.

  • Clean their ears

The first thing you need to do is to clean your canine’s ears. You can do this by using some cotton swabs and a disinfectant. These dogs have ear flaps that cover the ears, so you will need to lift them to clean them properly.

  • Their nails also need attention

Although this is an equally important tip, pomeranian owners are more likely to forget it. Their nails are easily capable of harboring dirt and germs, which is why they need to be trimmed. Trim their nails by using a clipper and keep them at a 4-5 millimeter length. After cutting, it is also important to file their nails to keep them blunt. Leaving them sharp may cause them to injure themselves or the people around them.

  • Cut off ingrown hairs

Due to the speed at which your pomeranian grows hair, there are bound to be many ingrown hairs. When grooming them, make sure to cut them off carefully using a pair of scissors or a clipper.

  • Bathe and dry them

Your dog may or may not be interested in water, but it is essential to bathe them all the same. Thankfully, these dogs clean up after themselves, so you only need to wash them once every ninety days. You can decide to bathe them in a bathtub or even a kitchen sink due to their size, as long as they can fit conveniently.

  • Apply some protection from fleas and ticks

After grooming, make sure to apply some chemicals to their bodies that protect them from fleas and ticks. These two insects are harborers of disease, which can be highly dangerous for your dog.

The Bottom Line

The Pomeranian is an undoubtedly beautiful dog, but they need to be adequately taken care of to protect them from diseases. Thus, these tips above can guide you on doing that, so your dog continues to remain beautiful and healthy.