Using a reinforced steel door is one of the better options if you are searching for additional protection for your business building or home. A reinforced steel door is also known as an armored door built to protect the business building from burglary or break-in. 

What if we lose our keys? Here we are going to discuss how to open a reinforced steel door?

How To Open A Reinforced Steel Door Without Key?

The armored door is easy to open without a key, if you know the trick and practice them. Here are a few tips to unlock the door.

1. Picking the lock

Any door can be unlocked by picking up the lock, but you must understand the lock properly and how it works.

However, if you are familiar with locks and have a good experience, you can easily unlock a door without having a key. The locking set comes with various sizes of hooks and racks to access any types of locks. That’s why you must understand the locking system you are dealing with.

2. Bumping the lock

Lock bumping is the second method to open a reinforced steel door. You will need to obtain a bump key to fit into the lock you want to bump.

Now you will have to cut your bump key. Try fitting the bump key into the lock once you’re done cutting the key, and try turning the lock clockwise.

You can also strike the bump key hard to fit in the lock with a rubber mallet hammer. When hitting the key from the outside of the locking system, the lower parts will receive the force, opening the lock. It might take some tries, but it’s going to work.

3. Using a credit card

You’ll be shocked to learn that you can also unlock a door by using a credit card.

All you need to do is place your credit card on the side of your door. Now slip the long end of the credit card between the door frame and the locking side of the door. 

Make sure that the card is pointed downward, and you attempt to reach behind the lock bolt. The credit card will slip between the inside of the lock bolt and the door frame if you are lucky. 

Pull the card slowly towards you after that, and try to turn the lock handle around. As long as you hold the card between the bolt and the hole, the door will open.

4. Drilling the lock

Drilling the lock is the most destructive method. I don’t recommend trying this method until you are exhausted trying other methods.

Before applying this method, you must be mentally prepared to install a new lock after unlocking the door. This method is not that easy as you think, but drilling is the fastest way to open a door without a key.

5. Focusing the door

Focusing is also another method to open a steel door. Like drilling the door, you can focus on the door when you are done trying different methods. 

If you are in a hurry and must get into the house as soon as possible, you can try kicking the door harder than you can. Make sure you kick where the locking system is placed. After kicking several times, the door lock may dislodge from the door jamb. 

You can also try removing the door’s hinges, although you must have the proper tools to remove them. Kicking the door lock may damage your lock, but you have to give enough force until the door is open.

6. Calling a locksmith

In my opinion, calling a locksmith is the last way to open a porte blindee (reinforced door). However, most people don’t prefer to call a locksmith to open the door because sometimes they are not sure of the locksmith processes. 

A professional locksmith has enough experience to open a door without a key. No matter what type of door, a locksmith will open the door by using proper tools.

If you are facing a problem with your reinforced door, contact with a locksmith company. They are the best in installing, repairing, fixing doors.


It’s not a straightforward job to unlock a door if you do not have enough experience with the locking device. I suggest that a licensed locksmith be employed because this is the safest way to unlock a door.

If you want to open the door yourself, I have already mentioned how to open a reinforced steel door in this article. I hope the details above will be helpful.