Social media is a powerful marketing tool. Through social media, you can reach anyone from anywhere in the world. It would be a mistake to underestimate its usefulness. Businesses today, especially real estate businesses, rely less on word-of-mouth and print advertisements. Instead, they utilize the vast networks of social media to gain leads and clients.

Why is this so? Well, most prominent social media platforms allow advertisers to precisely target specific audiences like those looking to rent a new house, property owners etc. Armed with this data, you can market any flooring material on these social media sites. This will include flooring materials like laminate flooring products, Ceramic Tiles, Decking Boards, Porcelain etc.

The question is, how can you promote a flooring business using social media?

Find The Right Platform

First and foremost, choose the best social media platform for your flooring business. Why is this important? Maintaining a social media page is not easy work. With that said, it’s best to plan. What social network will you be using? Do you have enough resources to handle and maintain multiple social media pages?
Find The Right Platform
Let’s talk about the website you’ll be using. If you have enough time or resources to run multiple accounts, it’s best to run several pages. However, not all can do so. You may also be new to social media marketing, which can prove challenging at first. If so, try one or two social media networks first.

Which one will you use? Some of the most used social media websites are Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Facebook also owns Instagram and Whatsapp. Youtube is also turning into something similar to a social media network. How would you know which one to use? First, you need to have a clear image of your target market. This is very useful in determining what platform to use.

Knowing your target customers will help in knowing where to advertise your flooring company. For instance, according to a research centre in the US, more men use Youtube than women. For Facebook, women slightly outnumber men. Pinterest, however, has more women users. Said research also shows that more people aged 18-29 use Facebook and Instagram, while the majority of LinkedIn users are in the 25-49 age group. So if you want to advertise to young adults, Facebook and Instagram are both solid choices.

Get a Good Following

At first, it can be intimidating to start a social media page. Many are struggling to get enough followers to make social media pages worth the trouble. It can be hard, but there are ways to make it easier.

First, plan your content. Consider what kind of content your target audience wants to see. One thing that you should include are pictures of your products and services. Target customers will want to see for themselves what you are offering. It helps people visualize what your flooring company has to offer. Posting practical and useful information also helps bring followers.

Secondly, identify the top keywords and phrases and include them on your content. No matter how good or interesting your content is, without the proper keywords and phrases, they will not get enough views. To create a successful page, you need to do some keyword search. Look for the words people use when looking for a flooring company.

Finally, look at how bigger flooring companies use their social media sites. Do not imitate their social media networks. Instead, use them as a guide in shaping yours. You can also look at how they respond to their customers, or how often they post on their pages. Observe their techniques and practices and try to surpass them

If you do all the steps above and carefully plan your social media page, you will get plenty of followers in no time.

Tell Your Story

Many companies undervalue the power of storytelling. When used properly, it creates trust between you and your customers. In reality, sharing your company’s story can be a compelling reason for customers to buy or avail your service. So how can you make a compelling story?

First, carefully plan on how you will tell the story. Your story should be engaging. Identify the characters of your story. Share the challenges that you faced. Set a clear goal on what you’re trying to achieve. People should instantly know that this is your story.
Tell Your Story
Next, you have to be realistic. Not all businesses have an award-winning story. Does that mean you can make things up to make your business story interesting? No. Readers can easily identify fake stories. If in the rare occasion that you don’t have a story to tell, it’s best not to tell a story at all. Being sincere and genuine is what attracts clients. It is what makes emotional connections with your target audience.

Lastly, your story should provide practical and useful information. What can your readers learn from your story? What lesson did you learn from your own experience? By answering these questions, you can convey a clear message to your viewers. They will have a clear image of you and your company.

If you don’t have past experiences, what you can do is take your customers along your journey. Share with them what you and your company are going through. Instead of telling them a story, make them a part of your story.

Update Your Page Regularly

The most important thing in having a social media page is to maintain it properly. Nobody wants to see an empty, rarely-updating page. By not updating your pages, followers can forget about you and your company. Instead, keep the content flowing. If possible, create a regular posting schedule. This way, your followers will know when you are going to post and anticipate them.

It’s also important to always update your information on your social network page. Always update your page and contact information. Opportunity can be wasted by unintentionally giving your customers out-dated information.

Ask For Valuable Feedback

After a deal with your customers, ask them to post feedback or comments on their experience. This will greatly help your company in generating new customers. Don’t be overly upset if you received a few negative comments. Instead, consider it a bit of advice from your customers. Your positive outlook and response to those negative can be a good sign for your customers. It gives them a clear image of how you handle your clients.

Try Social Media Network Paid Ads

Every social media network offers options to advertise your products and services. However, using such services comes with a price. If you decide to avail one, choose the social media website that you’ve proven to gain most views and customer interactions. You can also consider what each of the social networks offers.
Try Social Media Network Paid Ads
For instance, Facebook Ads can help build brand awareness and generate leads and traffic to your official website. It can also create conversation and customer interactions. It also uses different types of ads, including photo ads, stories ads, and slideshow ads. The same goes for Instagram ads since it’s under the ownership of Facebook.

Twitter paid ads, on the other hand, can publish tweets that encourage followers to install your app. It can also advertise your account to increase your followers, in addition to brand awareness and tweet engagements.