Finding the best pedicure chair can seem like a huge task. Choosing among the endless selection of pedicure spas can be overwhelming considering the various style, features and price options available. But the process does not need to be so complicated. With appropriate research, your decision-making process can be fun and easy. You need to first know who is providing your pedicure services. The nail stylists offering the services may be providing the nail services as an add-on service or can be just a technician who provides luxury services. You also need to think about where you will be providing your services.

You can have a dedicated space where you clients have a relaxing spa experience that has pedicure chair with massage. You can keep a clean look to your salon of you fit products to your space.

Quality and Brand Reputation of Pedicure Chair with Massage

If you want a comfortable long lasting chair that is worth your money you need to purchase a high-quality chair. During this purchasing process, you will need to consider a well-known and experienced brand that is known for producing exceptional products and has been in the industry for many years. A pedicure chair with massage is a high-ticket item and it is extremely important to select a well-known brand and trusted within the industry. Such brands are known as industry leaders that salons can trust.

Comfort is also another important factor to consider. There is a wide range of styles and it’s important to know what kind of experience you want your clientele to have. Several luxury massage chairs have the option of the shiatsu massage with heat or basic vibration while other spas do not have any massage option at all. You need to understand your client’s expectation to know what to buy. Would the clients want a manual chair adjustment or would they want a more luxurious experience with an electronically adjustable chair that has a remote control and padded cushioning? The last important point to consider when it comes to comfort is your nail technician. Consider the possibility of adjustable leg foot and leg support and pivoting arms to enable your tech to have an environment where they can master their techniques while reducing physical stress.


There are various styles and designs to choose from and so choose one that will fit your salon’s look and feel. Higher-end luxury pedicure chairs will obviously have a stylish design but you can still achieve the modern style within a budget by changing colors that match your salon’s look. Some spas will offer multiple options and chair colors and so creating a unique style becomes easier.

Choosing Between Plumbing and Portable System

Make sure you fully understand what is expected before your purchase if you are looking for a spa that requires plumbing or portable system. A no plumbing pedicure chair is a stationary unit. Therefore, a nail technician will not need to physically fill and remove water from the bowl.

A no classic spa plumbed unit is stationary, pipe less chair that is connected to the water line. If you want to cut on space consider purchasing a portable pedicure spa chair. An experienced sales representative can help you arrive at the best decision.

Don’t forget to consider additional features that are available as you choose your pedicure chair. The colors of your salon should match with your spa décor as this will ensure your new service is seamlessly integrated into your salon. If you want to offer manicure services you can choose a swiveling chair as this provides easier adjustment options for the client and also offers a truly relaxing experience. You may also need to purchase additional accessories such as plastic liners for your glass pedicure bowl. A plumbing system should help you maintain sanitary conditions while working.


Knowing the warranty on your chair is essential if you want to determine the quality of the product and the manufacturer. Anything that is less than a 1-year warranty on parts is not worth it. After you know the warranty and have purchased the product, look for an installed plumber to install your spa pedicure chair. This is important because if there happens to be a problem with your chair most manufacturers will request you to have a licensed plumber for installation in order for the warrant to be valid.

Replacement Parts

Just like any other electronic device pedicure spa chairs require maintenance and upkeep. Ensure that your manufacturer will provide you with replacements parts and these should be readily available. Without this, coupled with good customer service, you could lose out on time and profit out of your major investment.

Don’t forget to research the company as this will help you narrow down your choices as you choose your chair. The company should be in the business for years if you want a guarantee that the company will be there for you. You can also give them a call to gauge their customer service to know if they are the kind of people who will be ready to provide you with the decision-making process and also beyond in future.

You can also look at their Google reviews to check the previous or current customers. This will help you to see the kind of services offered to buyers. Adding pedicure services to your salon or spa will increase your revenue and clientele. There are endless option styles and price ranges and arriving at the best decision can prove to be daunting. However, if you follow the above tips, you can find the perfect pedicure chair for your clients. Be sure to select quality manufacturers who will provide you with the best chairs that have additional comfort features. Good customer care service is also an important factor to consider because you will want to have a lasting relationship with the manufacturer if you want further assistance in the future.