The garage is often seen as a cold, dirty, and dark place where you store your car and other items you don’t want people to see. But it doesn’t have to stay like this! With some careful planning, the right furniture, and accessories, any garage can turn into a cozy space that you will want to spend time in. Here are some ways you can take advantage of your empty garage to make it functional and beautiful.

Throw Away The Trash

First things first, you need to start with the most important step: cleaning it out. Get rid of all that old junk and trash that has been just sitting there collecting dust. It is amazing how much junk you will find in your garage as soon as you clean it, so be prepared for a big mess! Open every box and look inside. Throw away everything you aren’t using. You can even donate it if it’s in a good condition. Set apart items that you would like to keep and organize them on shelves, carts on the floor, or in any other unused space you may see fit. Once this is done, your garage will be ready for a transformation. 

Buy Necessary Parts

When renovating your house, you will probably need to buy some new items, like shelves, furniture, and other accessories. According to Garage Door Nation, the same thing can apply

to your garage space. Since you use it for storage, it’s probably empty and doesn’t have a lot of furniture. You can find many necessities for your garage like garage doors, cabinets, and shelves at local suppliers. Or, if you are crafty, you can make your own to save some money! For example, how about an easy DIY shelf that would attach to the wall? You can also use any empty space left in your garage for storage by buying carts or hanging hooks. You’ll also need to change the flooring and add some lights to make sure you always have enough light in there.

Find A Purpose For Your Garage

When you clean your garage and equip it with the necessary parts, it’s time to think about its purpose. What do you use the garage for? Some people like to keep their car there, so they are most likely going to have a lot of space dedicated to it. But if you don’t drive, you can use the extra space for anything else you want. If your garage is heated with the heating system in your house, consider turning it into an extra living room or game room. You can even make that your guest bedroom if you don’t have one already. Or, why not turn it into a home gym? You can attach some exercise equipment to the wall, or simply buy some barbells and weights that will fit there perfectly.

Start Renovating

Now that you know what you will use the garage for, it’s time to start renovating. Start with insulation, since it will make a huge difference in temperature and your comfort. Then, see what other improvements you want to make. Maybe you can add some stylish wallpaper or paint? You can paint the floor or walls bright colors that you find pleasurable, or simply repaint them in your preferred color. This will make the space more inviting, especially if you decide to use this space as an extra living room.  Furniture is next on the list. Consider buying a comfortable couch and a table with chairs if you want to use this space as an extra living room. Or, get bar stools if you’re planning to turn it into a game room or home gym. If you have enough money, you can even get custom garage cabinets that will provide more storage space and look nice as well. If you know how, you can use this space to play around with various design ideas and turn them into something unique that will reflect your personal style.

Don’t Forget About Yard Work

When planning a renovation, don’t forget about the yard. A beautifully designed garage will look even more amazing when it’s surrounded by a nice garden and well-maintained grass. This way you’ll have both a functional space as well as a place where you can sit outside in the fresh air on those hot summer days. You should plant some flowers and trees that will improve the overall look and feel of the outside space. Don’t hesitate to let your creative juices flow because you can come up with awesome ideas that will help you utilize this space even more to its fullest potential! After all, this is your dream home, so everything should be done in accordance with your personal preference.

Enjoy It!

Finally, the only thing left to do is enjoy your new garage! This space should be a place where you can relax and take your mind off of things, so decorate it in a way that will make you feel comfortable. Add some plants or even an aquarium, and bring along a pet if you want. You can also put up some shelves with books and magazines, as well as a small entertainment center with a TV and DVD player. This way you can watch your favorite movie or show, read a book or simply turn on the radio and relax for an hour or two. Remember that the garage is now your space, so decorate it as you see fit and start spending more time there. 

You don’t need to leave your garage as a cold, dark, and dirty place. With some creative planning, you can turn it into any space you want! Use the empty space for whatever purpose you see fit, starting with insulation and the necessary parts like shelves or storage carts. You can even paint the walls or flooring in bright colors that will make the garage an even more enjoyable place to spend time at. Decorate the space with furniture and accessories that will make it a homey environment. Don’t forget about your yard because when you add some well-maintained greenery, you’ll have both a beautiful outside area as well as an additional living room or bedroom. Hopefully, this article has given you some valuable ideas that will help you to improve your garage and enjoy all the benefits of this space.