Making calligine sausage with a manual meat grinder is fun. All you need to have to stuff these sausages are a meat grinder, stuffing machine, and casings. If you already have all the things mentioned earlier, you can easily and joyfully stuff calligine sausage with your manual meat grinder at home.

Yes, it is true that with a perfect meat grinder, you can make special sausages at home. Casings are used to hold the sausage inside them, and they are attached to the stuffing machine that works as a thin funnel.

When ground meat comes out of the meat grinder through the stuffing attachment, the ground meat fills the casings with the pressure of your hand, and it becomes longer. But you can make different parts of the casings by twisting or simply tying them at the desired duration.

Actually, making sausages at home is not too difficult if you have a little bit of knowledge on using your meat grinder. In this article, I’m going to show you the same things I do to stuff calligine sausages at home with the help of my meat grinder.

Decide which recipe you will use

Decide which recipe you will use
First things come first. Before you start the process of making sausages at home, you need to gather all the ingredients. Different people have different taste. So, your recipe may differ from others. It does not matter that your recipe should be like others. You can choose yourself. So, in this step, you have to gather everything you will be needed to stuff the sausages like meat and other components.

It’s time for your meat grinder to come into the play

A meat grinder is a time-saver in this case. Otherwise, you may need a huge time to do it. But, if you have a meat grinder, you can make sausage which will be level up properly and beautifully. A meat grinder is one of the perfect smoke gears you should consider especially if you are planning to use casings for your sausages.

Make it dynamic with a sausage stuffer

A sausage stuffer will make the process fast and dynamic. Also, it will allow you to use them several times when they are needed. Actually, this is a handy gear in making perfect sausages. After grinding the meat you want to make sausages, you can use your hands to enter them into the casings. But it will not be as good as you may think. Otherwise, it will take more time than you need.

Bring your desired casings for the sausages

Bring your desired casings for the sausagesMeat Grinder
Are you wondering thinking where you can get them?

You can simply buy them from any butcher’s shop. Your desired casings should be available in their shops. I use and would like to recommend casings which are made from pork bowels. In addition, eventually, they are the most popular casings out there among people. You can buy as much as you need.

After bringing them at home, all you need to do is to make it clear using the pressure of water from one opening to the other. It will help you to work smoothly. Otherwise, ground meat may be stuck inside the casings.

It’s time to preserve them into your freezer

Make all the arrangement before starting the process of making sausage with your meat grinder at home. As soon as your meat grinder finishes making sausages, they need to keep in a cold temperature so that the fat of the meat should not separate from. So, make room for the sausages inside your freezer and arrange some bowls you may need to put your sausages.

As you have used your meat grinder to make the sausages at home yourself, the fat of the meat can be detached while cooking them. On the other hand, if they are stored in a cold temperature just after making them, they will not become independent from the ground meat. As a result, your sausages remain, as you need.

Final Verdict

A meat grinder can be used for different purposes at home and is a handy appliance too. You can use it to grind meat, chopping and cutting vegetables and fish and fruits as well. Therefore, you should use this useful gear carefully like other home appliances.

If you are a little bit aware of using this appliance, it may last longer than you can expect.