We all like to have a spotless home, and the vacuum cleaner is an essential ally in achieving this cleanliness.

The feeling of seeing our house shine is wonderful, even if it requires a previous effort.

Vacuuming is an easy task. Everyone knows how to do it, right?

We all know how to move the device (with varying degrees of skill), but perhaps we are not doing it as well as we could.

Organization is the first step to better cleaning

Organization is an issue that will save us time and money and help us clean up better. With the same work, we will be much more effective and efficient, we will get better results. Let’s see how to do it.
Organization is the first step to better cleaning
Schedule cleaning

Decide how often you clean your home. You can do a deeper cleaning each week and lighter each day, do it by zones, etc. Consider the time you have!

Many people prefer to spend a little time each day so that the dirt does not accumulate, while others prefer to vacuum on weekends when they have more time to do so.

If you stick to a schedule, you will be more efficient.

Clear the area to be vacuumed

If the room you are cleaning is full of furniture, it will be more difficult for you. You will have to remove them as you go, and you run the risk of unplugging them – if they are wired (TV, etc.) – and even short-circuiting them.

On the other hand, by leaving more room for work, you will prevent your vacuum cleaner from hitting the furniture (which could cause damage).

Clean from top to bottom

Once I have cleared the area to be cleaned, should I start vacuuming? Not yet.

It is important to clean from top to bottom, so as not to dirty the areas that you have already cleaned.

It is, therefore, best to start by cleaning the lamps, door frames, blinds, the top of the furniture and the objects you may have on them (vases, photo frames, etc.) and baseboards.

Curtains should also be cleaned or washed periodically, as they accumulate dust and mites over time.

To clean the dust, you can use a slightly damp cotton cloth or a microfiber cloth.

How to use the vacuum cleaner?

How to use the vacuum cleaner
Here are some tips for you:

  • Check where you are going to vacuum.
  • Remove all objects that could be vacuumed: you will help to take care of your vacuum cleaner, which could be damaged or blocked in some cases if it absorbs hard or sharp elements.

Which vacuum cleaner should I use?

As you know, there are different types of vacuum cleaners with different prices and features, so the first thing to do is to choose the right one as you can go with this best vacuum under 100.

Some work better on parquet and hard floors, others better on carpets and rugs, or others better on all grounds (check the energy label and look for a 4A vacuum cleaner, if you want maximum efficiency in all areas).

On the other hand, if you have allergy problems, you can choose a vacuum cleaner with a water filter or a HEPA filter H13 or H14.

If you want comfort, you can choose a robot vacuum or a stick vacuum, and for quick work, you can choose a hand vacuum.

Vacuum properly

To properly use the vacuum cleaner, there are a number of considerations to consider:

  • Do not let the bag fill completely: if the bag is too full, the vacuum cleaner will not be efficient, the vacuum cleaner will have more difficulty doing its job and, in one way or another, its motor is unnecessarily forced. If the vacuum cleaner is bagless, apply the same reasoning and empty the tank fairly regularly.
  • Filters: Also, make sure to clean and check the filters, as if they are dirty, dirty, or damaged, they will not do their job well.
  • Use energy well: most vacuum cleaners have a power regulation system, either continuously or at different predetermined levels. Maximum power is not always the most appropriate (in the case, for example, of upholstery and curtains, or even in the case of carpets, it can be counterproductive).
  • Use a suitable brush: many models have different brushes, each of them being specialized for specific use: for carpets, for parquet, for upholstery.
    If it is used correctly, you will gain efficiency and avoid problems (scratches on the floor, damage to upholstered furniture, etc.

What is the right way to vacuum?

Often, we tend to move the W-shaped vacuum cleaner back and forth. However, this is not the most effective way to do it.

When vacuuming the carpets, you can do it first in one direction (along the carpet) and then perpendicularly (across the width), for additional cleaning.

What is the right position for vacuuming?

Another very important aspect is the position we take. Sometimes we tend to lean or take it the wrong way.

It is important to move your arms and wrists, avoiding forcing the trunk and moving your waist, keeping your back straight.
What is the right position for vacuuming
The spine should be kept upright, and the vacuum cleaner should be moved as close to the feet as possible, bending the most advanced knee slightly.

If you have to bend down to vacuum a piece of furniture, it is best to put one of your knees on the floor and not tilt your back.

Another possible way to prevent back pain is to arch your back backward.


Vacuuming is a task that does not require any special skills.

However, by applying these simple vacuuming tips, you can optimize this chore, have a really clean house while saving time and preserving your back.

By doing so, not only will you not forget any corner, but in addition, you will limit your movements, and you will be less tired.

If you suffer from muscular pain, you can also protect your back by adopting the right postures.