Nothing lasts forever and if those regular roof repairs are becoming too frequent, it might be best to simply replace the tiles and have copper or lead flashing. If that is the plan, here are a few reasons to wait until the spring months, which happen to be now.

  • Preparing For Summer – The best weather should be enjoyed with a finished roof, but if spring is not possible, then the summer is the next best option. The first step would be to call in a local slate roofing company and ask for their considered opinion, which might be to simply add another layer of roof tiles on top of the existing layer. If the internal joists and rafters are in good order and can support the extra weight, the cost-effective solution is a re-roof. The other options include roof restoration, or a completely new roof, depending on the state of the roof.
  • Least Chance Of Bad Weather – While your home will always be protected by the roof installation team, September, October and November offer the best chance of nice weather. If you are looking for Sydney slate roof replacement and repairs, now is the time to search online for a roofer that specialises in slate replacement.
  • Roof Inspection – A few missing roof tiles that go unnoticed can certainly cause a lot of internal roof damage, so you should have your roof inspected every 5-6 months, as this will reveal any minor issues, which can be promptly repaired. Most homeowners would have an arrangement with a local roofing company to inspect the roof at specified intervals.
  • Risk Of Damage – If your roof is in need of repair, the sooner you fix it, the better, and by asking a professional for their opinion, you can make the right decision that will give you many years of solid protection. It is important to make the right decision regarding roof repair. A good roofer would tell you the pros and cons of each option and make a recommendation, with your best interests at heart. There are articles online that provide domestic roof maintenance tips, which are must-reads for any novice homeowner.
  • Avoid The Cold – Having the roof replaced in the winter months would be uncomfortable, even if it is only for a few days. As far as rain goes, you just have to hope for the best weather. A professional roofing team can complete a new roof in only a few days, and they would look for a good weather window to schedule the project.

If you would like a quotation from a reputable local roofing contractor, search with Google and that will give you a list of local providers. You can ask to assess the roof and quote for the project. When the contractor visits, ask him what the options are. See if the other companies make the same recommendation, then you can compare and make the right choice.