You are looking to do your next house project, and you walk by your kitchen when your cabinets catch your eye. You are wondering if it is time to have your kitchen cabinets replaced.

Well, while you are wonder whether it is worth it to undertake this project, rest assured that updating your kitchen cabinets is a wonderful long-term investment. Anything that adds long-term benefits to your home should be a consideration.

How Long do Cheap Kitchen Cabinets Last?

That really depends upon the manufacture you choose and the level of quality that they use to make their cabinets.

One thing to keep in mind is that high-quality cabinets can stay almost picture-perfect up to 50 years! How is that for long-term investment?

How to Tell When Kitchen Cabinets Need to be Replaced?

One way to tell is if you are just no longer satisfied with the way that it looks. If it is becoming more than an eyesore for you, that is a good personal indication it is time to have it replaced.

Obvious water damage is another indication. Discoloration, swelling of cabinets, and them not closing properly, are a definite sign that water damage is the problem. In that case, they need to be replaced.

The presence of mold is another contributing factor to needing an “upgrade”, or replacement of your cabinets. If there is an overgrowth of mold, it can impact your family’s health in a negative way.

Before making the investment in new cabinets, it is a wise decision to check & see where the water leakage is coming from that has caused the mold.

Lastly, the functionality is not user-friendly. Sometimes cabinets can be built in an awkward part of the kitchen, that is not easily accessible. They can also be too high or too low. Having cabinets replaced and built in a more convenient fashion, will help you to utilize your kitchen better, and remove frustration.

Why Upgrade to High-End Kitchen Cabinets?

Upgrading to high-end kitchen cabinets, basically, solves all the problems listed above and more.

Not only does it solve those problems, but it is a lifetime investment. Remember, high-quality cabinets can last up to 50 years!

Also, consider that it adds incredible value to your home. If you were to sell your home that upgrade would go into the selling price.

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