Sometimes we feel too lazy to do things the right way and that includes how we dispose of our waste materials. Ranging from leftovers to toxic liquid materials, some items should never be sent down the drain as they contribute debris that leads to blockage of the drainage system amongst other effects. The following are common items that should not go down your drain. 

  • Leftovers 

Almost everybody is guilty of flushing down little ounces of food down the drain when doing the dishes. Sometimes we feel the quantity of food we flush will do no harm because of nature or size. However, in the long run those little quantities of food contribute to a huge amount of debris which leads to the blockage of drainage systems. 

In some cases the only viable solution is to get a new drainage system, in which case Plumbers In Sutherland Shire are the most capable hands for the job. To prevent this, always wrap up waste food and properly dispose of it in a refuse bin or trash can. 

  • Oil and Petrol

Although this seems pretty obvious, a lot of people would rather flush different oil types and in some cases petrol than dispose of it properly. Oil and Petrol do not dissolve in water; they constitute a series of damages when sent down the drain.

In some countries it is illegal to flush oil or petrol because these substances can make their way down to other water bodies causing pollution and contamination on a major scale. Oil when hot is liquid but when cold it coagulates and becomes fairly hard contributing to blockage to drainage systems.  

  • Medications

Drugs and medications consist of different compositions of chemical substances. This is why an overdose of any drug leads to health complications and sometimes death. Whenever you have any expired drug rather than flushing them down the toilet, pack them up nicely and empty them in a trashcan or refuse bin. 

  • Paper and Clothings

The only kind of paper designed to go down your toilet is your toilet paper. All other paper types are too hard and tough and will constitute blockage to your drainage systems. Soaking up paper before flushing will not prevent it from blocking your drainage system. Simply empty all paper types aside toilet paper in a trashcan or refuse bin. 

No type of clothing is designed to go down any type of drain. All worn out clothes or damaged clothes should be thrown in a trash can or properly incinerated. 

  • Baby Diapers, Sanitary Pads and Tampons

Sanitary items like baby diapers, Tampons and sanitary pads should never be flushed down any drain because they constitute, to a large extent, blockage to drainage systems. The right way to dispose of these items is to empty them after usage in a trash can or properly incinerate them. 

Amongst the three, Tampons are more often flushed than properly disposed. This is owing to the size and texture of it. The size and texture does not stop it from affecting drainage systems. Therefore it is advisable to dispose of it the right way.