Window Treatment

Window treatments are quickly becoming more and more popular for people to focus on when they are designing a space. Previously, many people would overlook the window treatment options that they had in their homes. They would simply put up simple blinds that didn’t add to or take away from the appearance of the room at all.

Today, things are different. People are starting to realize just how much of a different window treatments can make in a home. In fact, the perfect treatment can completely revolutionize an area and make it feel new. Here are some of the latest trends in window treatment fashion:

Making the Window the Center Point of the Room

Making the Window the Center Point of the Room
What do you make the focal point of your room? For some people, it is the television or a beautiful art piece that you made or spent a lot of time trying to find. For others, it is the sofa or seating area. However, making your window treatment the center point of the room, the place that garners all of the attention, is one of the newest ways to impress. As a focal point in the room, a window can make your home seem larger and more airy, something we all want.

Even better, it can extend the living space of your home. If you have sliding windows, you can open that space up for a party and ensure that everyone is comfortable and feels like they are part of it.

Green Green Green

Being green isn’t just a buzzword, it is turning into a way of life for so many people. One of the most popular options for people who are just starting out or those that are completely changing their window treatments is to use natural materials in their window treatments, whether they are blinds or curtains.
Even better, these window treatment options are more affordable than ever – without harming the environment. They allow in light or block it out, whichever you want. You get the privacy that you want without the synthetic or chemical smell that can sometimes come with synthetic materials.

When you are looking for green materials, look for cottons, bamboo, hemp, or other materials that are light and natural. You can also look for recycled materials to help remove and reuse some of the plastic from the world in a new and exciting way. If you have children with messy fingers, you can even get easy-to-clean materials for your home.

Colorful Window Treatments

Colorful Window Treatments
How much color do you have in your home? For many people, adding color to their spaces helps to make it unique and fun. Whether you are outfitting your child’s room and you want to go with the theme or you are looking for something dark and romantic for your bachelor pad, window treatments that aren’t white are becoming very popular in fact you can even try blackout blinds for your bedroom for total darkness. Thanks to changes in technology, you can get blinds and curtains in so many different colors. You can even get dyed-to-match curtains!

Whatever color you want, there is something out there for you. If you aren’t sure what to do or how each color will impact your space, you should think about how light bounces off of the color or if it does at all. Light will bounce off of lighter colors, adding to the brightness of a space, but it will be absorbed by darker colors, making it great for those spaces where you need darkness for whatever reason.

Go For the Bold

Go For the Bold
If you want something that stands out but that isn’t just a color, consider a bold print or pattern. There are plenty of possibilities in both the blinds and curtains categories. You can get something floral that will make your space feel a little more energized, or something with deep, intricate, beautiful patterns that will make your space feel luxe and expensive. All of this is possible with just a few twists and tweaks to your window treatment. You can even do this with the most basic curtains or blinds that you upgrade yourself – or you buy accessories to make it look unique to you. Things like tie backs or blind pulls that are just slightly personalized can make all of the difference.

Make sure that you compare the pattern that you get to any of the other products in your room so that you are sure your sofa doesn’t clash with your curtains or that your tablecloth and blinds go together extremely well.

High-Tech Makes Your Life Better

Technology is so important to our daily lives, and our window treatments have caught up with it.

Curtains, blinds, and other window treatments that have been connected to technology are easier to use and help you to customize your entire house. With high tech window treatments, you can open and close your curtains and blinds as you wish, helping you to wake up naturally and end fights over who has to close the blinds when you and your partner both forget.

These do take some time to set up, but it is worth it when you can close or open them with a remote or your smart phone.What is the latest window treatment that you want to try in your home?