It is inevitable for your leather to dry out. Surely, there must be something you can do to make it last longer. Well, leather needs maintenance.

Leather needs to be cleaned so that the pores can breathe. And, conditioning it prevents drying.

The up-keep of leather is really quite simple. Note the few do’s and don’ts to preserve your sofa set or expensive purse for several years.

What Not To Do

Before we get on with telling you about the things that are a must for maintaining leather, let’s discuss the things to avoid when it comes to leather.

  • Oiling leather is generally considered a good idea. But, the truth is far from it. The leather isn’t ‘nourished’ instead you accelerate its deterioration.

Also, you end up leaving uneven oil spots all over your leather which is quite unsightly.

  • Alcohol and acetone are a definite no for leather. Removing dirt and stains with harsh chemicals on leather only results in damage. So, steer clear of abrasive liquids.
  • Using a hairdryer or even direct sunlight to dry leather is not recommended. That’ll only make the leather shrink.

Leather should be cleaned every six months, however, do not be aggressive in cleaning up tough stains. That’ll only damage the leather.So the better solutions is use leather cleaner and conditioner for cleaning your leather furniture, it will keep your furniture looking great and long lasting.

What To Do

What Not To Do

Leather needs care and cleaning. The better you maintain the leather, the longer it can last. So, what can you do to maintain leather?

  • If your leather is stained, simply use a damp cloth with any soap and lukewarm water, to remove the stain. Do not spot clean, rather clean up the entire surface.
  • Wipeout excess water with a soft cloth, and let the leather air-dry.
  • Avoid sunlight and harsh lighting. Try to keep leather away from the sun, and that’s one of the best ways to keep leather last for longer.

This is also a good idea if you want to avoid color fading of your leather.

  • Conditioning leather means that you’ll be keeping your leather soft and supple for longer. Also, it’s smarter to keep to leather conditioning products, rather than natural oils.
  • If you cannot remove a stain, contact a specialist. Trying to save on money by using DIY techniques may result in more money spent on the ruined expensive leather sofa set.
  • Quick cleaning once every two weeks is better than deep cleaning. So, don’t just wrap up your leather jacket in a soft cloth and store it in the cupboard.

You’ll have to bring it out, clean it, and condition it once or twice in a month if you want it to last for longer.

The Conclusion

Leather is a classic material, projecting refinement and elegance. But, there is much fallacy attached to this fabric. All you need to remember to keep your leather looking grand is to show it a little love.

But, if you still have trouble figuring out how to maintain your leather, try reading up on the best leather conditioner, to help you out.