Luxurious relaxation is everyone’s dream. Passion for the ideal makes us think about the right choice of outdoor furniture. Once it was located only in the chic villas of wealthy foreign millionaires. Today sofas and dining groups, rocking chairs and sunbeds, coffee tables, swings, and banquets decorate the equipped recreation areas near country houses, open areas at summer cafes and business centers, pool terraces in sanatoriums and boarding houses.

Types of outdoor furniture

Types of outdoor furniture
Properly selected Luxury Outdoor Furniture by Brown Jordan can decorate an outdoor recreation area, create comfort and at the same time help you form a positive image for your friends, neighbors, and relatives.

When arranging the space, the functional purpose of each item should be taken into account:

  • for outdoor recreation: rocking chairs, deck chairs, chairs, sofas, banquets, and beds;
  • for storage of things: cases, curbstones;
  • for eating, tea drinking: dining tables, front tables, chairs, chairs.

Features of choosing the color of the furniture

The color of outdoor furniture is of no small importance for those who equip a recreation area, and for those who will spend free time there. The choice is not easy.
Features of choosing the color of the furniture

It ideally merges with nature, the soft gray color does not stand out against its background. It nobly and unobtrusively fits into the surrounding space.


Luxuriously and solemnly looks white. Its presence speaks of the refined taste of the owner of the estate. Snow-white sofas and armchairs are used both in the garden and in open living rooms, gazebos. Whiteness provides the body with relaxation, while the mind provides relaxation and freshness of perception.

From beige to olive

Freshness is made into the interior by soft beige, rich cognac, light olive. There are not many of them on the street. They attract attention, turning the usual territory into a cozy corner, wherein everything the inviolability of traditions is felt.

Important criteria for buying

Demanding buyers pay attention to the beauty of furniture and design features. These are important selection criteria, but when making a purchase, you should pay attention to other criteria as well:

  • ease and mobility when moving items;
  • durability;
  • strength;
  • wear resistance.

Materials for production

Materials for production
For the production of luxury furniture for streets and gardens, various materials are used. In this regard, it happens:

  • forged;
  • plastic;
  • wicker;
  • glass;
  • wooden.

Each material is good in its own way. Artificial rattan products made by masters look exceptional. Wicker tables and chairs combine lightness and elegance, modernity and practicality. The sizes and shapes are diverse, which allows you to pick up your accessories in every corner for relaxation, located in the open air, regardless of the vagaries of nature.
Colored wicker furniture made of PVC in a modern style. In combination with a lightweight aluminum body, the products look airy.

Glass surfaces add a festive atmosphere, while wooden surfaces add coziness. Sofas and armchairs, banquets and swing seats, fitted with a special fabric, have increased strength. Manufacturers use impregnations that increase the water-repellent properties of the material and prolong its life.