Traditional décor is vast and varied and includes many decorating styles that can range from the neoclassical all the way to country and eclectic. When you think of traditional interior design classical furniture, wallpaper,  heavy drapes,  intense antique pieces, textured and patterned area rugs, impressive and opulent light fixtures, and of course well-planned and thought-out color schemes come to mind.  There are some who will consider these types of living spaces to be heavy, and stuffy. However, according to interior designer Annette Frommer “Nowadays many interior designers are presenting their clients with contemporary and modern-day decorative components for a traditional style with a twist and added zest.“ Following are a few such examples:

Traditional Dining Room That Feels Modern

The clients requested a traditional dining room that felt a bit more updated. The formal dining room table adjacent to the dark walnut cabinets of the kitchen set the tone. The cream colored leather chairs provide a modern touch while the pendant lighting over the island makes the perfect elegant and minimalist design statement. The artfully placed bronze platter with the white orchids offers a sense of delicate romance to the overall space. 

Photo: Gilad Radat 

Elegant Study/Den with a light touch

The custom-built home library in rich walnut wood has a definite masculine feel to it. The traditional table and chair alongside the art, the hardwood floor, the refined built-in bar unit, provide character and elegant sophistication. It is the light-colored sofa, with the various light colored scatter pillows that add a more contemporary and lightweight feel to the space.  

Photo:  Elad Gonen

Classic Kitchen with Contemporary Components

This kitchen design is classic but combined with more modern and contemporary design elements. The brick-like backsplash is old school as are the cabinets which are of a traditional design. The vent hood is sleek, modern stainless steel, the marble countertops give the kitchen a brilliant shine while the dark bar stools are bold and stand out. The outcome is harmonious and absolutely beautiful.

Photo: Elad Gonen 

Beautiful Bedroom

When you first look at this bedroom it feels quite traditional and slightly austere, however at a closer glance, a few elements provide it with a more contemporary touch. The roman shades, the quaint round side table, as well as the flat weave wool rug in its natural white stone color accent the space with subtle and beautiful more updated décor features. 

Photo: Gilad Radat

Traditional Bathroom with an Edge

A traditional bathroom is made of natural materials and lines. Wood and marble are often used.  In this instance certain design elements convey a nostalgic look. The wall and bathtub cladding capture timeless traditional style as does the flooring.  The bold black and white color palette is dramatic and sophisticated while the nickel fixtures are designed in a retro style. The modern lighting completes the look for a fresh modern-day edge.

Photo: Elad Gonen 

Another kind of traditional

Here is another different kind of a traditional  quasi modern bathroom . The zigzag marble floor adds flavor to the bathroom while the delicate wainscoting and crown molding establish a clean traditional look.  The walls painted in a subtle and soothing pattern with the spotlights lend a clean and serene dimension to this bathroom. 

Photo: Gilad Radat 

In conclusion, combining modern elements in traditional décor may seem challenging.  On the other hand, when properly done a unique and multi-layered space can be created.  As Annette Frommer says, “   A great advantage and benefit in combining modern interior design with the traditional is that you create an exceedingly personal style that is exclusive to your home.”