What we refer to as modern furniture doesn’t actually have anything to do with whether or not the pieces are contemporary. Modern furniture is actually a style that stems from the Modernist art and architecture movement of the early 20th century. Founded at the Bauhaus school in Weimar, Germany the Modernist movement was a direct response to the overly ornate and gilded styles of the late 1800s. 

Modernists’ rebellion against the elaborate embellishments of the day led them to create a style grounded in minimalism. Modernism is known for its clean design featuring straight lines, smooth surfaces, warm neutral colors, and a seamless blend of woods and metals. Modernism has evolved over time birthing distinct submovements like the American mid-century modern movement of the 1950s and 60s. Modernism shares strong ties to the Scandinavian design and the Japanese minimalist style.

Through all its iterations modernism has maintained its core tenants of sleek, simple, clean design, and proved itself a time-tested and lasting style. That’s why over a hundred years after its inception people are still looking for ways to incorporate this classic look into their homes. Below you will find some sleek affordable pieces to help fulfill all your modern furniture dreams.

The Charles Lounge Chair

The Charles lounge chair is as classic as classics get. The matte black thin steel frame is paired with a flatback design creating a clean low profile silhouette perfect for any office, study, or living room. A loose back pillow and padded arms are upholstered in top grain leather available in warm vintage cognac or cool gunmetal vintage grey. This chair is as elegant as it is comfortable. 

Adelphi Coffee Tables

Available in multiple colors and finishes, including ice glass with a wood effect porcelain tile trim these gorgeous nesting tables borrow from classic mid-century modern styles. Designed to become the focal point of any seating area the larger twelve-inch high table nests over part of the eight-inch high table creating a multi-tiered figure-eight formation, that adds style and function to any space. You may also wish to explore the Adelphi side tables whose similar multi-level look is designed to pair seamlessly with this piece.

The Pearl Bookcase 

The Pearl bookcase is a stunning display of modern design. The chrome accents and open shelving creates a light airy feeling. While the strong lines and angles of this snaked bookcase bring a chic geometric edge to any display.  The pearl is available in three high-gloss finishes to fit your style needs.

Houston Sofa

Both comfortable and elegant the Houston sofa is an inviting piece of furniture perfect for a modern living room. The thin low profile rounded arms create a clean light silhouette, perched atop thin ninety-degree pillared legs the Houston sofa almost appears to float. A deep-set seat paired with feather-down removable cushions will leave you with much the same feeling when sitting in this cozy piece. Decorative round bolsters placed just behind the back pillows and a rich basketweave fabric finish this piece with touches of luxury.

The Haru Dresser

The Haru’s angled legs and cubic design draw heavily on Japanese minimalism. A fifty-nine by twelve-inch countertop paired with four deep and spacious drawers allows ample room for storage and display. Available in black oak, walnut, and natural oak finishes, the reversible door fronts feature notches of contrasting colors designed to draw your eye to the striking lines of this innovative piece. 

Decades after the creation of Modernism it’s obvious by its continued popularity that this is no passing trend. Furnishing your home with well-built affordable contemporary, modern furniture like any of the classic pieces discussed above is an investment in your comfort and style for years to come.