The winter season may differ from place to place depending on geological location. Keeping your house warm during this season is necessary because there are good chances of catching respiratory diseases like flu, bronchitis, and pneumonia. That’s why some home heating techniques can help you prevent those diseases.

Experts say that keeping home heated is one of the most expensive processes. That’s why; finding and installing an efficient heating system is required.

However, there are some maintenance costs involved. If you’re planning to keep your house warm for a few years, you should adopt the most efficient way to heat a home.


Do you know 70% of our energy consumption cost comes from the home heating system?

Don’t worry; I am discussing few home cost-effective heating system below so that you can choose the best and most efficient one for you.

Heat Pump Approach

Heat Pump brings the heat into your home from outside either through roof or ground depending on the system. It consumes less energy and electricity than other heating options. Also, heat pumps don’t pollute the air or generate toxic gasses.

Heat Pump can be expensive to install. So, before investment, it is important to ensure that this system is right for you.

Buy a Furnace

Gas, oil, and electric are three types of furnaces. But nowadays more than 50% of houses are heating with gas furnaces. Considering the number, it is regarding as one of the most efficient heating systems. If you happen to be in Canada and in the market for the best furnace you can use this heat pump buying guide to help you out on your search.

Rather than variable-capacity gas valves, secondary heat exchangers and variable speed blowers can provide efficient heating.

One thing you should know that if you have an old furnace you should invest money in a more modern option. It could save your money in the long run. There are a lot of new furnaces having energy-saving technology that can reduce your heating budget.

Radiant Heating process

Radiant heating is one of the excellent ways to generate warmth and deliver it to you. This type of process uses infrared radiation to deliver heat from the source. It can be hot water flowing through electric cables in the wall, floor, or bath.

Additionally, radiant heating is a clean and energy-efficient system that will give you more comfort and pleasant feeling. Though all of its comforts, it can be expensive to set up.

Install Boiler

Boilers are very popular in the US as they can produce comfy and reasonably efficient heating.

In boilers, natural gas or propane is burnt to heat water. There are two primary distribution systems. The first one circulates water to the radiator which can be closed or opened for heating. The second one circulates hot water through radiant floor piping. That is how it allows heat to go into the living spaces.

Boilers are expensive than gas furnace systems. Also, they have higher operating costs considering heat pump systems.

Temporary solutions

There are some home heating techniques which are not as efficient as above explained systems. Though these are often used for heating, they aren’t very effective and can cost more than you may expect.

However, depending on your home and necessities, they could be beneficial and cost-effective for you.

  • Wood/ Pellet Stove

Woodstove may heat your home nicely but they produce a large number of pollutants and are very messy. There is also a great risk of causing a sudden flame of fire in your home.

On the other hand, pellet stoves are relatively expensive. You will need a large pellet stove to heat medium-sized rooms that will cost more.

  • Passive Solar Heating

Using heavy and long thermal insulated curtains will ensure you that most of the sunlight enters your room and also preserve the sunlight no matter what warmth is produced. But the problem is in winter, sunlight is not consistent and the sky always remains cloudy. As a result, it might not work fine.

  • Space Heater

A space heater is a good method of heating rooms with poor ventilation systems. But relying on it as the main source of warming can increase your electric bill. There could be a time when it’ll be helpful. That’s why; having one around you will not be a bad idea.


These energy-efficient ways that I have mentioned above can extend the warmth of your home during the winter season. Some of them can greatly reduce the energy consumption bill.

Since the world is now switching to energy-saving heating systems, you should be a part of this process. I believe you have made your mind after reading this article about the most efficient way to heat a home. So, choose one and enjoy!!