Desiring your company to have a better business, and at the same time, being a comfortable place for your employees, office refurbishment companies Kent can make it possible.

Informal meetings office, reception desk, conference hall, and all other offices are all essential to make your employees feel comfortable in the workspace. The business place should be arranged in such a way that during the meeting with potential clients, they gain trust in the company and want to do business with it.

Pay Attention To These 7 Things Related To Office Refurbishment

Informal Meetings Office

Informal Meetings Office
Spontaneous meetings and consultation are very common. 90% of company employees claim that informal meetings contribute to a positive atmosphere within the team. This type of space is generally smaller for a few people. All it takes is an interesting piece of furniture and soundproofing.

Reception Desk

Scientists have proven that people form an impression of another person within the first seven seconds. The first impression of potential clients is just acquired in the waiting rooms with the reception desk. Well-designed waiting rooms can make an impressive impression. That is why choosing the right colors, furniture and accessories are very important in your business.

Conference Hall

Research shows that employees spend one-week attending work meetings over a year. The key to success in every team is good communication. For this reason, the conference hall requires appropriate and high-quality equipment such as microphones, sockets, and similar items that can be useful.
This room must have a large table that can accommodate everyone present.


How you set up your directors or management offices is your matter. However, your office must exude high quality and meet functional standards – your office expresses your character!

Open Work Spaces

Modern designed open space is a prerequisite for encouraging work and communication between workers. A well-designed open workspace enables quick and easy information sharing without interfering with employees.

Desks And Chairs

You should pay attention to the desks at which your employees work. It is advisable to get rid of redundant cables, and with the help of partitions, you can contribute to a little privacy. There is not much to say about chairs. They should be comfortable – employees will spend a lot of time on them.

Relaxation Zone

Relaxation Zone
Many types of research show that most of the cooperation between the employees takes place in this room, while the smaller part of the cooperation takes place in conference rooms. Increasing communication between employees during breaks contributes to creativity and information sharing. The imperative of well-equipped and designed relaxation zones is increasingly emphasized. This place is considered a well-spent investment.

For the work environment to be productive, it needs to blend a comfortable home environment with a professional ambient. It allows employees a balanced space in which they do their daily work. A nicely suited workspace will make employees excited from over again, and thus be more motivated to work. They are in the offices every day, so this is one very important factor.