Every construction project needs scaffolding for the work to be completed efficiently. Before setting out to look for one, you need to understand the available types and how they work. There are three main categories of scaffolding you should know about because most of the scaffolding Southampton companies have them. The multiple types are based on these categories, which are:

  • Supported scaffolding: this is the most common category of scaffolding used in the outside of a construction project. They are usually built from the base upwards and are used to support the structure before its completion.
  • Suspended scaffolding: these are scaffolds that are lifted above the structure using ropes. They are mostly used when workers can’t access the structure easily or when the structure is too big for the supported scaffolding to work. The suspension makes it easier for the scaffold’s height to be adjusted.
  • Mobile scaffolding: these are mostly used in projects that require frequent relocation or movement of the scaffold. Because of this, they are mostly found in renovation or repair projects a d, not new construction projects.

Other Types of scaffolding

Putlog scaffolding

Putlog scaffolding
Also known as bricklayes scaffold, this is made of vertical poles and horizontal braces joining the standards. Putlogs are also used to provide additional support between the standards and the wall.

Independent scaffolding

Also known as double scaffolding, these are used to provide support close to the structure. When such support is needed, but the structure is too weak to accommodate the drilling of holes.

Cantilever scaffolding

These are used in projects based near public areas like roads. It is made of wood that is sometimes called needled, which are placed on the wall of the structure and secured in place by vertical struts. They don’t interfere with what’s going on the ground and are used to angle out of the structure.

Suspended scaffolding

These are mainly used by painters or other professionals doing repairs. It is suspended from the roof with chains and ropes that can be easily adjusted.

System scaffolding

It doesn’t need a lot of fitting connections and is, therefore, faster to set up and disconnect.

Trestle scaffolding

Trestle scaffolding
This is mostly used inside the structure. The scaffolding is made by suspending a board between two tripods and is used for heights above 5 meters. Sometimes wheels are attached to the tripods making the scaffold mobile.

Cuplock scaffolding

This scaffolding is usually galvanized with ledgers and standards being connected by cup and blade.

Kwikstage scaffolding

This is an easy to assemble scaffolding found in most scaffolding South Hampton companies. It is safe and reliable and is made with slip-resistant platforms with double guarded rails.

Tube and clamp

Tube and clamp
These are made with tubes that are connected and secured by clamps both horizontally and vertically.


Other types you may hear about from scaffolding Southampton companies include staircase towers scaffolding, haki scaffolding, birdcage scaffolding, and patented scaffolding. If you’re not sure about how they work, you can ask beforehand, and the company will give you all the information you need. Remember to look for reputable scaffolders who will provide you with excellent customer services.