It is very exciting to buy the dream home for you and your family as it is like turning a new chapter of your life. But there are many challenges which you may face during the process. You do not want to make any mistakes in this process, because it is your dream house and a dream opportunity to capture.

The challenges that you will possibly face when buying a house can be complicated. They can prove to be even more complicated if you are on your own. That is why many people consider hiring professionals to handle all the stages of the buying. Hiring some technical support can help save time and handle the problems efficiently. To get this done easily, you can locate a good company such as Above Board Building Inspections Melbourne to meet the said challenges.


The first thing you do before going to buy a house is to finalize the location. Proximity is very important, so you might choose a place near your workplace or a relative’s house. You can also opt for a place near your children’s school to long daily travel and save a lot of. Saving this time can help you focus more on other aspects of your life.


After you finalize the location, the next step is to look for funding to buy your dream house. As you do so, be savvy of the resources and repayment plans. The common options are to borrow from a friend, but higher investments require seeking a bank’s assistance. But remember that you will have to fulfill certain guarantees when seeking a loan from a bank or another lender.


Finding a good house for yourself is often a once in a lifetime decision and may pose a huge challenge. Sometimes, the outlook of the house is very attractive, but it isn’t that good or accommodative from the inside. For that, you have to visit different houses available at the right location. You may search more and more to find the house that fulfills the needs of your required accommodation. It’s a blessing if you can find a house early without having to compromise on any of your needs.


After you finalize the house, there are some important things that you should check before finalizing any deal. You have to check all the documents of the house from the seller. For instance, the seller should have full ownership of the property, and that there are no associated legal issues. It should also have a transparent history, concerning any loans from the bank and the local authorities.


You should inspect the house properly to find out about any potential issues that you must immediately attend to. It is better if you have the company of a professional to help you with the technical issues inside the house. The following are some of the things that must be checked.

  • Electrical issues: One should check the electric components or items of their future house, such as the wiring, circuit breakers, lights, switchboards, voltage, etc. If anything is found faulty, it should be replaced forthwith, otherwise, it may later turn into a major issue.
  • Sewerage & sanitary: You should properly check the sewerage and sanitary installations in the house. These may include the shower and tabs of the washroom or kitchen, the faucets, drainage pipes. All the toilets should be in running condition and work properly without any issues of leakage. Also remember to check all the clogged drains and gutters, as well as the water pressure.
  • Seepage issue: It is the most common problem in many of the houses. Sometimes, you find watermarks on the wall. Check thoroughly if there is any sign of seepage as this mostly is indicative of major leakage.
  • Heating & cooling system: You should also check the heating and cooling system of the house. It should be working properly. If any problem is found, it should be rectified properly and in time.
  • Windows & doors: The windows, doors and the locks of the house should be in fine working condition. Similarly, a glass of the window panes should be fitted properly, with no chances of potential breakage.
  • Paint: Paint of the house should be new or in very good condition, otherwise any paint job might prove to be a major hindrance in moving to the house on time. You may also want to change the color theme of every room according to your needs. For that, wallpapers are one of the easiest available options.
  • Tiles & woodwork: The tiles and the woodwork in the house should be in good condition and aesthetically appealing. Wooden floors should be in good condition so they may not require any furnishing or polishing soon.
  • Kitchen: Inspect the kitchen, its cabinets and the appliances in the kitchen as if these are not in good condition, they may cost you more for a replacement or repair. Also, there must be a proper fire extinguisher with an extended expiry installed in the house.

UTILITIES Remember to check that all the utilities, such as water supply, electric supply, and gas supply are fine and working. Don’t forget to ensure that the last utility bills have been paid with no arrears before you enter the house. If you are required to pay some of the bills, you should negotiate the total cost of the house to compensate for it.


There are many challenges one has to face when buying a new and ideal house for themselves. Hiring any consultant or a company is beneficial to overcome these challenges to save time and money. Remember, technical expertise can help you get rid of a lot of troubling issues, and provide you with peace of mind. This will allow you to focus truly on shifting to your brand new residence!