Learn how porcelain stoneware floor tiles are taking over every other flooring material with their versatility that even extends to bathroom tiles.

In the history of homes, floors have seen a good number of radical changes. It all started with stone-made floors in caves, which was overwhelmingly replaced by clays, then bricks and marbles then stones again! Today, the name of the game is stoneware tiles, more specifically porcelain stoneware floor tiles. These tiles have everything in its coffer demanded by the modern homemakers, and some more. They are also very versatile and can effectively be used as bathroom tiles. So, let’s find out more about them from below.

Porcelain Stoneware Floor Tiles

Porcelain is a special type of ceramics made by heating up clay-type materials. It is denser and less porous than other ceramics, and thus, makes up a great option for floors with heavy usage. Used by homes, restaurants, industries, and skyscrapers all over the world; porcelain stoneware floor tiles offer many of the advantages found in other materials, without the maintenance drawbacks.
Porcelain Stoneware Floor Tiles
For example, the porcelain stoneware floor tiles offered by Refin have a water absorption rate of 0.2%. They are also impermeable to moistures and frost, can withstand a great amount of heat, and provide an excellent level of water and stain resistance not found in normal ceramic tiles. Porcelain stoneware tiles are also not very slippery, yet can be easily cleaned using any normal detergents.

The collection at Refin also showcases a great variety of styles, offers some good numbers of colors, and can be purchased in various different sizes. The designs also vary significantly – from oozing the appearance of woods, marbles, stones, bricks, through to traditional or more contemporary choices. Some of their most significant designs include terracotta-look tiles, marble-look tiles, wood-look tiles, richly textured tiles, etc.

Bathroom Tiles

With the increased importance of the sensorial and emotional aspects of bathrooms in modern-day homes; choosing the bathroom tiles is now an incredibly complex decision. You have to consider the aesthetic aspects and align it with the entire home, while also ensuring the practical nature of the bathrooms. After all, this is the space that ensures your personal hygiene and has a profound effect on your personal well-being.
Bathroom Tiles
Therefore, when you consider the characteristics of porcelain stoneware tiles from Refin, choosing it as your bathroom tiles become a no-brainer. Its low water absorption rates, resistance to moistures and steams, and very little maintenance requirement make it the perfect tiling option for your bathroom floor. They are also available in finishes that offer high levels of slip-resistance, so no worries about accidental falling on your back while reaching for that shower towel.

With an incredible number of design options, you can either choose to align it with the other floors of your home or can treat it as a completely separate entity. Available in finishes ranging from glossy to matte to cool, your bathroom would only have the emotional effect you seek, as it always should.