Marketing is not as much about selling a product as selling a brand. The company you built, the homes you sell, and the people who form the establishment — are all part of this brand.
Yes, there is a need to push the homes and make the bucks, but that is not all you do. If you were only to sell your houses and your business, people would run tired of your name after a while. Creative branding and promotions are the crux of good marketing. Click here to find a real estate digital marketing agency.

12 Ideas To Turn Your Brand.

Here are a few ways to build your brand, both online and offline. These tips and tricks will bring your business a step closer to success and distinguish you in this flooded market.

Get That Phone Call Easier

Making sales is the end goal of any business, and the way to do that is by generating leads. In the real estate world, this happens with a detailed phone call. Make this phone-number easily accessible to clients.

Add them to your website’s header, every social media page, the bottom of every promotion poster, and much more. Ensure it is easy to remember and pick one that welcomes more callers.

You can also set up an inquiry page where buyers can leave the number, and you call them back later.

Home Videos That Sell

Home tours, both virtual and live, are the second most crucial step to selling homes. If you are hoping to lure consumers to your properties, photos will not make the cut. Videos are more descriptive, easy to consume, and grab attention.

Using a promo video maker online, you can make small videos to share on social media, listing pages, and your website. When everyone is busy building a catalog; get ahead by making a movie-trailer.

Promote Locally

Location is the most defining factor when picking a home. People often choose a home based on the neighborhood, the amenities in the area, schools, medical centers, recreation areas, and shops. If those are the selling point, then you must sell them.

Do not miss out on these details when you list home. Show real photos or videos of these spots to make a complete sale. Check this link right here now and learn more.

Teach Your Domain

Educational and informational content is the most searched and consumed online subject. As a realtor, spreading awareness about your domain, teaching home-buying tricks, or breaking down market insights is an excellent way to establish dependability.

New clients can trust you better when you maintain the image of a subject-matter-expert. This content can be in the form of blogs, videos, or free-seminars. You can use free resources like and create impressive videos with a few clicks.

Spend on a Business Card

Business cards, as outdated as they are, are still effective. Not to hand out to people, but to leave your mark behind. Many realtors treat this business card like a flyer. A small piece of card that gets people to call you.

Make the card creative with information and your Unique Selling Proposition. You could also add a QR code to the card. This code will enable users to scan the card and reach your website or listing page immediately.

Run a Newsletter.

Email newsletter, one of the first known forms of digital marketing. Still prevalent since many homebuyers spend their days behind a desk, hooked to a computer. The email is the only communication platform you can access at work.

Keep your newsletter informative and entertaining. Do not flood it with sales and listings. Give people a reason to open them and reach your website. Add interesting anecdotes, news about the property market, or insights on local-current-affairs.

Collaborate With Locals

Your relationship with local businesses in the area can make-or-break the deal. Place some of your listings in local coffee shops and stores. Ask the managers if you can supply them with some coffee-mugs with your branding on them.

Additionally, you can also opt for place-mat ads or collaboration on social media platforms. Faith in the coffee shop or store will transcend into trust in your services—a subtle endorsement from them to you.

Ensure Website is Responsive

A responsive website means your site should be optimized on the mobile, as it is on a laptop. More than 80% of online activity today happens on the mobile phone. It is a big turn-off to have a shabby or misaligned website on the phone.

Ask your web-developer to think mobile-first. This is a common expression in today’s tech world. All sites are tailor-made to phones, then replicated for desktops.

Get Found On Google

Getting to the front page of searching on google results could be hard for a local realtor. But here is a small loophole — google business. When users search for realtors in the area, you rise to the top if you have an active google-business page.

Link it to google maps, have regular posts and updates, and be optimized to the right search-tags.

Share Stories

Here is an easy to make content-type that people care about. Stories, behind the scenes videos, and blogs provide engaging narratives. They do not just prove your credibility but also make for an exciting watch.

These narratives could be stories about home-sales, renovations, house-hunting, a local event, and much more. Tales resonate with people and indirectly win you a few followers.

Give Free Stuff

The oldest trick in the book — free stuff in exchange for contacts and leads. Play this smart enough so as not to lose money in the process. This give-away need not be materialistic articles; free resources like renovation plans, how-to blogs also do the trick.

Ask Your Clients To Share

Word of mouth marketing has helped small businesses rise to new heights. Encourage your past clients to share your reference to new homebuyers. Shoot a short video of them, giving you a positive testimonial. Use these videos to brag about your brand on social media.

Additionally, ask them to rate your google-business page to help rank higher on search results.

Final Thoughts,

There is no rulebook for marketing. Plans work at the meeting point of good ideas and consistent efforts. These ideas should help get the ball rolling. Try a few of them, and stick to those that provide the best results.