One of the definitive most important rooms in your entire home is the kitchen. The kitchen has always been a defining part of the home because of its inherent nature as the place where people feast, so it has roots in its importance as culture because of how food brings people together. Beyond this obvious reason is that a kitchen is a place that people congregate.

When you host a party or gathering, people tend to gravitate towards the kitchen. It invites conversation and people like to hang out here. Another reason why it is so important is that the kitchen adds incredible value to a home, assuming it is a nice kitchen, so for these reasons, it is a good idea to make sure the kitchen is outfitted with all the best appliances and it looks great.

An addition to the kitchen that used to represent a small form of wealth and value is a TV. It used to be uncommon to see TVs in kitchens, and when people did, it often signaled that they had money. Now, as TVs get cheaper and more readily available, it is becoming more common to see. Here are reasons why you might also want a TV in your own kitchen.

Watch Cooking Shows

Cooking is the primary purpose of a kitchen and sometimes you like to get into the swing of things by reading cooking books or even listening to kitchen podcasts. The hardest problem is that you can get easily distracted having to move around and tap play or change the page, and sometimes you might just want something on in the background to listen to. The reason why a TV could be a great addition to your kitchen is that cooking shows help you feel invested, interested, and focused on cooking. It is a good way to add some background noise during your cooking duties and is one of the reasons why people love this appliance in their kitchen.

Catch Up On the News Before Work

If you are someone who has a lot on the go, you need to be able to multitask. Catching up on your news is something you like to get done in the morning before the day starts. You need watercooler talk and to find out about your finances, the politics of the day, and even the weather, which is why a TV is a good thing to have in your kitchen. Being able to absorb all of your news needs with your morning coffee and your breakfast allows you to do many things at once. This is also great for parents who need to get their kids ready for the school day but still want to watch the news too.

Entertain Guests During a Party

As referenced, the kitchen is a very important room for socialization. People gravitate to the kitchen for various reasons, but it is a central place of conversation during a party, especially a dinner party, so sometimes it is good to have some background noise on, just like cooking shows. Putting a TV in the background can help during a party to cut through that dead noise when the conversation starts to lull. It may even help facilitate conversation pieces. You don’t want to be sitting around watching TV at a party, but it is a good way to make sure that there isn’t any awkward silence either.

Play Music Through Smart Apps

Smart TVs are quickly becoming the go-to type of TVs. They provide some excellent value not only in the fact that they are steadily dropping in price but they also have a lot of amazing features that you can get without using a laptop, console, or mobile device. The integrated apps are awesome for the kitchen because it allows you to play music from streaming services to liven up the kitchen. This doubles great for parties as background noise and it helps out when you are cooking and want to jam out a little. Having music apps on your TV makes it easier to be hands-free in the kitchen so you don’t have to pull out a speaker or get your phone dirty while cooking.

TVs Are Taking Up Less Space

Newer TVs are getting a lot better when it comes to space-saving technology. As processors and other hardware shrinks and becomes more efficient, our appliances become much more efficient, which means less space being taken up if this was a concern. Some people don’t want to install a TV in their kitchen for that very reason, but thankfully new LED, QLED, OLED, Plasma, and LCD are the most common types that are also incredibly thin. The most common types you will find in stores or shopping online are the first three of that list and they are incredibly light. This makes it easy to put in and out of the kitchen.

Less Fighting Over Who Uses the TV

You have likely had countless arguments with people, roommates, children, spouses, etc. about who gets to use the TV. Everyone wants a nice living room TV because it is likely the biggest one in the house or apartment, but it is not always a democratic system. Adding a TV in your kitchen gives you all of those benefits above plus it adds another room where you can finally get to watch your shows, stream music, or whatever it is you plan on doing. It is not easy having so many TVs because everyone wants to use one, but adding another could help resolve some household drama.

A lot of people think we have too many electronics in the home and that it is bad to sit around the TV so much, but it is impossible to deny that having certain electronics in the home, and in certain places, can make life a little easier. TVs in the kitchen have always been a type of status symbol, but now it is becoming easier and cheaper to afford one, and for these reasons, you might be convinced why it is a good idea.