The new year may have made you begin to think of new beginnings. New beginnings can start with renovating a room or rooms in your home. It may be that you’ve bought a new home that you love in the perfect neighborhood, but the house needs some renovation to make it more efficient or comfortable. Whatever your reasons are for renovating your house, know that it can be a daunting project, especially if you are a first-time renovator.

These are tips for you to follow to make a first-time home renovation project go more smoothly and successfully.

1. Keep the Project Organized

Renovating means your home is going to become messy. While there will be many pieces of furniture out of place, and numerous tools and other objects lying around, you can still keep the project organized. An organized mess is easier to live in than an unorganized mess. Keeping things in place will also make the work go smoother as you’ll always know where that tool or material is when it’s time to use it.

You will also want to be organized with the needed materials. There is nothing more stressful than getting to a point in your renovation project only to learn you haven’t purchased the next piece. Brainstorm everything you will need to reach completion. Make a list of all products and tools you’ll need to get the job finished. You want all materials in place before you make that first drill or tear-down of existing areas.

2. Make a Budget and Find the Best Products

There is a lot of competition in the home building industry. This competition means you will find different brands of the same product at various prices and quality. You want to start your renovation project with a budget, so you can afford to finish the job to your satisfaction. Find the best quality products at prices you can afford so you are happy with your renovation project and it will last.

For many of your product choices, you may find it is possible to purchase a high-end appliance and save on a moderate-priced countertop. You want to find a balance between what you really want from your renovations and what you can afford to install.

3. Remain Realistic in Purchases

You don’t have to purchase all high-end appliances or furniture pieces to remain in the ‘trend’ of home renovations. Remain realistic and you can still achieve a beautiful renovation by purchasing mid-range furniture pieces and then accenting them with tasteful decor. There are many inexpensive, easy additions you can make to any room in your home to brighten, add new life, or change that will create a whole new look for you.

4. Don’t Try to Finish Fast

It’s best to begin a home renovation with a flexible timeline. You do not want to finish too fast or be in a hurry to finish a portion or all of the job. Experts say ‘you’ll pay the price if you perform compromised installations.’ You want to plan on your renovation projects taking weeks, maybe even months to ensure it turns out the way you envision it to look. If you put an exact time-line on the job, you will create more stress and even find later you’ve taken short-cuts that compromise the over-all finished results.

5. Find the Right Contractor

Some home renovations require a contractor. You cannot always do projects of this size as a DIY (do it yourself) project. Research which contractor you will use by consulting home renovation platforms, talk to others who’ve completed renovations with contractors or ask contractors for references. You can also ask them to show you jobs they’ve completed with their photo portfolio.

You do not want to choose a contractor by their price bid on the job. A lot of times, home-owners find when they go with the lowest bid, they end up having to re-do a lot of the work themselves, or end up hiring a new contractor to make fixes.

6. Arrange Ahead of Time for Clean-Ups

A home renovation project is going to create a lot of debris. You may have furniture that needs removal, appliances that have to be discarded, and a lot of debris from the work itself. Rumpke Waste & Recycling is committed to meeting customer needs. They are an environmentally friendly waste disposal service with recycling options.

Rumpke Waste & Recycling is ready to provide you with a dumpster rental to handle all your home renovation waste. For large projects, such as a renovation, your garbage can is not capable of handling all the debris you’ll need to remove. We are ready to provide a rental dumpster for your large-scale cleanup and haul-it-away service. Talk to our experienced personnel to learn which size will meet your needs.