Expressing that they have revolutionized the crypto money ecosystem, Ekart Inu claims that it is “the currency used by the community for the community.” According to the statements made, Ekart Inu acquired 60,000 accounts in the first 48 hours of pre-sale, and this number has now reached over 100,000 accounts.

↑ Ekart Inu and Vitalik Buterin.

According to a new announcement viewed by SafeTrading, Ekart Inu has donated 200 million tokens to Vitalik Buterin’s Covid Relief Fund. This is considered a very strategic move and Ekart Inu is considered the center of attention all over the world.

In a statement on the matter, the project said: 

  • “Now we have a lot of different investors, who are confident in crypto pump and dump groups and these accounts show that public confidence is growing very fast. On this wonderful occasion, we decided to make a donation to the Vitalik Buterin Foundation for Helping Patients with Coronavirus. It can be brought to any place of the world if it is needed.” 

↑ What is Ekart Inu?

Ekart Inu claims that it will change all the crypto world economics and maybe it can do so. This is a special place (First in the world) where you can buy, sell and work with crypto coins and crypto pump and dump groups while doing e-commerce. In addition, as the Ekart Inu brand, launched as a project that has gained a lot of trust and reliability when it comes to cryptocurrencies in e-commerce.

Ekart INU, unlike any other, is a Polygon Chain token. Polygon can be described as the scalability stage of the Indian blockchain called the “Internet of Ethereum Blockchains”.

According to the platform descriptions, Polygon Chain relies on security, Ekart Inu scalability, user experience, etc. Another reason to trust. The statements made say that Ekart Inu has received the necessary amount of trust and attention and has achieved a loyal customer base from the very beginning.

Additionally, Ekart Inu is considered the first company to claim that it burned 80% of its unlimited tokens. This means that 2% of the remaining 20% ​​will be awarded for air distribution and networked media calls. The remaining 6% will be distributed as a reward to the account, and the remaining 10% will be divided into 4 stages. It should be noted here that in the beginning, the total supply of Ekart Inu was 1 quadrillion.

↑ Tours with public sale:

Phase 1:

  • Phase one will start at $ 0.0000001.
  • Total: 300000000000000

Phase 2:

  • Phase two will likely start at $ 0.00001.
  • Total: 300000000000000

Phase 3:

  • The third stage will start at $ 0.00001.
  • Total: 300000000000000

Stage 4:

  • The fourth and final phase will start at $ 0.0001.
  • Total: 300000000000000

↑ Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Ekart INU

The need for transparent, secure and accessible financial systems is growing day by day and is becoming more evident today. It is generally believed that this is due to the inability of the existing centralized financial system to provide clients with financial opportunity and trust. Therefore, many see the decentralized system, or DeFi for short, as a system that can offer more transparency and better conditional security and may soon replace some of the traditional financial cycles.

DeFi is expected to gain momentum quickly through investment, trade, borrowing and lending, catalyzing changes in current financial management. The growth in demand and the openness of cryptocurrency exchanges is increasing the popularity of various DeFi systems around the world.

Ekart Inu also pays attention to such changes in the crypto industry. By making the system transparent to account holders, it leaves it up to its customers to decide the price of each share – analyst of SafeTrading.

According to the statements made, Ekart INU will be the first platform to offer a decentralized finance (Defi) platform that will not let you down. Thanks to Ekart Inu, you can buy and even transfer bets from anywhere with a simple internet connection. In statements made on the matter, the platform said, “Ekart will host digital money, global payments and applications. Ekart has brought together the digital economy, new ways for authors to go online and much more. ”

In addition to this, while other platforms charge a fee of 10%, Ekart INU has made a fresh attempt to establish a different fee system as much as possible. Accordingly, 5% of the total 10% will be transaction fees. % 2 will be returned to users,% 2 will be liquidity, and the remaining% 1 will be transferred to the covid relief fund.

 What does the JPMorgan news mean?

JPMorgan, one of the largest financial institutions in the world, released its 11:04 pm report, which you see below.

This brought a lot of new clients to most populars companies.

  • “Interest in cryptocurrencies in the futures markets is growing. Commodity consultants are forced to close short positions and open long positions in the face of this growing interest. “

Yes, this statement draws attention to the growing institutional interest in the cryptocurrency markets and suggests that the upward trend in prices will continue. Especially the fact that financial advisers were forced to go long has had a very positive impact on the markets – says analyst of SafeTrading.

Short positions are at their lowest level since May. Thanks to the news in the evening, over $ 100 million in short positions were closed in just 5 minutes.