Round Toilet vs Elongated Toilets

The toilet is an integral part of any bathroom design. You have a range of toilet options depending on the size of your bathroom, your demands, and your aesthetic tastes. One of these options is the shape of the toilet bowl. Round and elongated toilet bowls are the two most common shapes. Both work in the same way but are different sizes, so they may not fit in the same space or work in the same way. The distinctions between them are outlined here so you can make an informed decision about which one will work best in your bathroom.


Front toilets, both round and elongated, are installed in the same way. If the bathroom has a separate tank and bowl, they must first be connected. The toilet is raised into a bit of slant after placing a wax ring around the waste pipe. After twisting it into place, apply pressure to all sides before bolting the toilet in place and connecting the water supply.

Although elongated bowls are significantly more challenging to lift and transport, this makes little difference in most installations.


Elongated toilets may be a little more accessible to clean than round-front toilets. Some models’ long shapes include fewer crevices around the underside of the bowl, making it easier to clean with a cleaning brush. The more extended design also makes it easier to look into the bowl’s front interior, making it easier to keep clean.

Power of Flush

The Flushing technique ranges from pressure-assisted flushes to double-cyclone flushes. The elongated design of the toilet may give slightly better pressure if the bathroom employs a color that uses force to circulate the water in the bowl. However, there is no difference between the two in other sorts of flushing technologies. You should notice little change in performance as long as you use a suitable toilet for your home and bathroom size.

Round Toilet Overview

Your toilet bowl’s size and shape don’t exactly make for an interesting dinner conversation. However, it is something to think about when purchasing a new toilet.

Toilet bowls come in two basic shapes: round and elongated. Round bowls dominated the market until the 1980s, when they began to lose favor.


Pros And Cons Of Round Toilet

Pros Cons
Better for kids – Round toilets are more accessible and more comfortable for children because they are smaller. They’re also more suitable as toilet training seats. A circular toilet is a beautiful alternative if you have a separate children’s bathroom in your home.Not ideal for adults – Adults, exceptionally tall or hefty, find round toilets uncomfortable due to their small size.
Cheaper – Toilets that are round are slightly less expensive than those that are elongated.
Work in tight spaces – Round toilets are also ideal for small bathrooms due to their reduced size. They’re still a popular choice for half-and third-baths.

Round Toilet Cost

The majority of circular toilets cost between $100 and $400. Cheap toilets can be found for under $100, but remember that you get what you pay for in terms of quality. Fancy bathrooms, on the other hand, might cost anywhere between $600 and $1,200.

Elongated Toilets Overview

Elongated toilets were once considered a luxury item, only found in high-end residences. Now it’s the other way around: circular bathrooms are becoming increasingly unusual in new construction.

  • Elongated toilet bowls have an oval shape. They are slightly larger than circular toilets, with a front-to-back measurement of 13 inches rather than 11 inches.

Elongated Toilet

Pros And Cons Of Elongated Toilet

Better for adults – Most individuals were only familiar with spherical toilets for many years. However, as the popularity of extended toilets has grown, it has become evident that most adults prefer to use a more extensive, elongated toilet.More expensive – Round toilets are beginning to look out of date as elongated toilets become more common.
Modern look – Round toilets are beginning to look out of date as elongated toilets become more common.Not ideal for kids – Children should not use elongated toilets. The larger seat might be scary and difficult for tiny toddlers beginning to use the bathroom.

Elongated Toilets Cost

Most elongated toilets cost between $100 to $400; however, more expensive models can cost $1,200. In most cases, an elongated toilet is slightly more costly than an around the bathroom.