It can be devastating to see your bathroom in such a state after you experience a flood, especially if you love nothing more than coming home and relaxing in your own little spa- sanctuary. However, as upsetting as it can be, bathroom floods can cause serious problems. Not only can you sustain damage to the interior of your bathroom, but unless vital steps are carried out, you risk more damage occurring, such as mold and mildew in the room and the baseboards. Therefore, taking action as quickly as possible is vital. 

Whether this flood was caused by a blocked pipe or a clog in the sink that you didn’t know was there, these are the steps you need to take. 

Step 1: Turn off the water and electricity

As soon as you discover the flood, you need to turn off the water. For example, if a tap has been left on, this is the first thing to turn off. However, the source of the flood won’t always be as obvious as this, so working quickly to try and identify where the source of the problem is important so that you can shut the water off at the isolation valve. Then, you will need to shut off the main water supply. Where this is located depends on your home. Once the water has been shut off, make sure to shut off the electricity to keep yourself safe. 

Step 2: Mop up the water

Now, you will need to remove as much standing water as possible using mops and old towels. This can allow you to see the type of damage that has been sustained in the bathroom. Most circumstances will allow you to do this yourself, but sometimes you may need to call in the experts to help you with this. At this point, make sure to take before and after pictures. By documenting this, if you have homeowners insurance, you can use this as proof in your claim. You will then need to dry out the bathroom. The best way to do this is with fans and dehumidifiers. 

Step 3: Call in the experts

Upon clearing up the water and removing any personal belongings from the bathroom, now is the time to start really assessing the damage and fix the problem. Whether it was a burst pipe, toilet or shower leakage, or blockage in your drains, experts such as Beehive Plumbing will be able to assess your plumbing problems solving the matter at hand. If you found the cause of the flood was due to a tap left running, you can safely assume that your pipes are still in working order. However, for peace of mind, you might benefit from calling the experts in any way. 

Step 4: Redecorate

Getting your bathroom back to its former glory is of most importance. Take the opportunity of this accident to renovate your bathroom, updating its style and features to turn it into a place of luxurious relaxation. Why not upgrade your bathtub to a freestanding tub or replace it entirely with a rainfall shower? While the work is being carried out on the plumbing, you can look through articles such as this to find design and bathroom renovation ideas and tips that will turn the flood incident into a more positive experience by the end.