Cats love to explore their surroundings and nowhere is more fun to investigate than the great outdoors. When you first choose to own a cat, you will no doubt ensure that your house is ideal for their needs, but what about your garden? Many owners overlook their garden when acquiring a cat, even though it’s likely one of the main places that your pet will choose to hang out. 

It’s a great idea to tailor your garden so that it is the perfect environment for your cat to enjoy, relax in, and explore.

We have provided some advice on adapting your garden for your cat, below.

Mini jungle

Having your garden mimic the natural habitats of the wild will allow your cat to channel his inner tiger. Play around with different textures and heights to add interest and depth. Cats love to be up high – think of a leopard in a tree – so consider adding high levels for him to climb. Create divisions with bamboo screens, plant tall grasses, and adorn vertical boundaries with creepers, such as vines to create a mini jungle. 

Adding depth and texture to your garden will provide lots of places for your cat to explore. There are also things you can plant that will delight your cat, such as catnip grass or honeysuckle. Please beware though – many common garden plants and flowers are extremely poisonous to cats. If you have any doubts, speak to a vet or other professional.


While cats are naturally wild animals, there are, unfortunately, many dangers outside, such as busy roads or railways. It’s therefore no surprise if you feel anxious about letting your feline friend outdoors. This is especially worrying if your cat has proven themselves to be adept at hopping fences – or wriggling underneath them. 

A good solution is to find an enclosure that can to your existing boundary, or standalone. There are various types of cat enclosures available. Click here for information and to look at options for a cat enclosure that suits your needs.


Whether your cat wants a secluded area to relax undisturbed or he wants somewhere to hide while he stalks his prey, providing a hiding place in your garden is essential. Hiding spots can be created by numerous simple landscaping means. Clever use of furniture placement, use of different plants, dividers, and placement of rocks are just some of the ways you can make a secluded area that’s hidden away.


Your cat needs to drink regularly, especially during times of warmer weather, so if you want to tailor your garden to be perfect for him, you must provide fresh drinking water. You can incorporate this into your garden via a nice water feature, such as an attractive fountain. If that doesn’t appeal to your tastes, then water bowls can easily be concealed under bushes or behind garden furniture. 

Make sure the water bowl is always full and clean – it’s surprising how quickly they can dry up. You might also want to sprinkle some treats around your garden for your cat to find to keep him entertained.


Creating an ideal garden that’s tailored to your cat shouldn’t be too challenging or costly. Follow our advice to help you adapt your garden for your feline friend.