A tea party is all about taking a short break from your busy day just to relax and sip a cup of tea. This is a great gathering for you and your old friends to hang out and catch up with the latest happenings in their lives. In our modern world today, tea parties are no longer a formal and strict affair for some notable people in society.

Today, new ways of having a tea party have emerged. Instead of the old-fashioned way, here are some ideas on how to throw the best tea party of our time. From escaping the formal setup to serving some of the best Grand Marnier cocktails at your party, this list will surely help you to be the best host of a tea party in your community.

1) Put Some Twist to the Tea

Even if you are throwing a ceremonial tradition celebrated so many centuries ago, it does not mean adding some twist to the tea party is unethical. If you and your friends want to add some kick to your afternoon tea experience, why don’t you serve an Earl Gray Cocktail? This aromatic and fragrant drink, combined with a hefty amount of Grand Marnier, lime juice, and sugar, is worth a try. You can also serve milk tea instead for those opting out of alcohol.

2) Hold Your Tea Party Outside

Tea parties aren’t too formal anymore these days, so you don’t have to hold them in your dining room. If you want, you can always set up a long picnic table. You can make things nice and comfortable for your friends by trying to add some pillows. Another idea is taking your tea party outside your garden—this is a fresh way to enjoy your cup while sharing it with your friends.

3) Set Up the Background Music

Hearing music in the background encourages people to mingle and helps to break down social barriers, even at a simple tea party. As a host, you must choose and prepare a good playlist for yourself and your guests. If you want to stick with the traditional setup, you can always play some recorded classical music. But if your guest is composed of a much younger crowd, playing some pop or R’n’B music, like Adele or Ed Sheeran, will surely do.

4) Coffee or Hot Chocolate at a Tea Party?

Let’s face it—we know that some of our friends are not fans of drinking tea. Some are known to be certified coffee lovers. You can keep your guests welcome and comfortable by offering them different drinks, such as coffee or hot chocolate. Also, setting out mugs next to their place is a good idea whenever they choose to drink other beverages.

5) Create an Unforgettable Menu

Good food must be present at every tea party. Some of these are egg salads served on toasted bread. You can also try having English cucumbers with cheese and cherry tomatoes. It’s your party, after all, so you can offer a new menu that your guests will surely love and could be perfectly paired with their cup of tea. You may serve some mini bagels with lox or a crowd favorite, miniature avocado toast. This addition to the menu will take your tea party to a much higher level.

6) Sweeten Things Up

Desserts are the last to be served at every tea party, and one of the fun parts of a tea party is the parade of different treats and desserts. Making miniature desserts will allow your guests to try a bit of everything in front of them.

Desserts and treats such as different flavored macarons, salted caramel brownies, and black forest cupcakes are some of the most requested desserts that can be paired with a cup of tea. Keep in mind that having a tea party is not all about tea. It’s also all about the bond you make with your friends and the desserts, too.

7) Set Up a Brew-Your-Own-Tea Station

Want a more creative idea that you and your friends would enjoy? Why not set up a DIY tea station? Yes, this modern and interactive station displays a variety of herbs, petals, and other things you need to make a perfect cup of tea. With this, your guests can create and customize their own version of tea that will suit their taste buds.

Final Thoughts

Every party host should ensure a friendly and approachable event for all of their guests, and a tea party is not an exemption from that. The lists above will surely help you host one of the most bizarre tea parties your guests will ever experience. If you want to learn more about unique tea cocktails and recipes, you may visit Recipes.net.