When is the best time of year for residential window washing and why is it important? We explain the answers you need to know here.

Oftentimes, we tend to forget about just how important it is to have clean windows. You might think clean windows do not make much of a difference until you have had them cleaned professionally. Then you will suddenly realize that your house looks fresher, cleaner, brighter, and of higher quality. But when is the best time for residential window washing? If you are wondering what the best time of year for washing windows is, read on to find out.

1. Residential Window Washing in Spring

Perhaps unsurprisingly, spring window washing is the most popular time for many homeowners. Spring cleaning mania convinces many Americans to opt for window washing to help get their home feeling new and fresh in time for summer. Spring is a very good time to arrange residential window cleaning, especially if your windows have attracted a buildup of dirt and debris over the long winter months.

The weather should be mild enough for a professional cleaner to do the job quickly and safely. In addition, if you are learning how to wash windows yourself, this is a good time to do it. However, keep in mind that a spring cleaning may mean that pollen will stick to the windows afterward, making them look dirtier quicker.

2. Residential Window Washing in Summer

Summer is also another immensely popular time to realize the benefits of professional window washing. The sun and heat mean that the windows will dry quickly and that every corner of your house will be easy for a professional to reach.

However, many professional window cleaners are exceptionally busy during the summer months, so advance booking is essential. That is why you should always opt for a local window cleaner that is able to clean your windows in the evenings and on weekends, such as the Colorado-based company Bright Light Cleaning Services LLC.

3. Residential Window Washing in the Fall

Autumn is a less popular option, but it can be a good time to clean your windows. The heat and sun will be less intense, reducing the risk that the window cleaning fluid will dry too quickly and leave unsightly stains on your windows. However, getting the weather timing right is essential.

If it is windy and raining, it will be difficult and even dangerous to clean your windows properly. In addition, falling leaves and debris could quickly make your window look dirty again right after the cleaning is complete.

4. Residential Window Washing in Winter

Cleaning your windows in the winter might sound like an odd choice, but it is actually a good idea. Cleaning your windows in the winter will help provide more natural light in your home during the darker months and shorter days.

You are also much less likely to get “dirty rain” in the winter months, meaning your windows will not quickly look dirty again after the cleaning. Just ensure that your cleaner uses hand protection and uses an alcohol-based cleaning solution that prevents freezing.

Essential Outdoor Maintenance Tips for You

Understanding the best time to arrange residential window washing will help your home looking fresher for longer. For more essential tips on boosting your home’s curb appeal, make sure to consult our expertly-curated Outdoors section for everything you need to know about looking after your home’s exterior.