Planning a wedding is a huge thing. With all the excitement, it is quite a burden for the couple, and you must deal with in the most efficient way possible.

You might think that you only need to finalize the date, select the venue, hire some catering company, finalize wedding rings and dress, and you are done. But there’s a lot more to it. And you need to sit and carefully create a list of all things that you need to take care of. You also have to decide jewelry according to your dress, like Earrings, necklace, bracelet. So, here is Beautiful Diamond Earrings for Sale for your perfect dress.

Plan for Wedding1

Let’s cover some basic and most important things that you need to focus before anything else:

  • Setting Up The Budget: Setting up budget efficiently on every detail.
  • Marriage License: Get your marriage license, first and foremost.
  • Printed Documents: Marking calendar, preparing Invitations cards.
  • Venue: Booking the right date and time.
  • Bride’s maids & Groomsmen: Having the right people preferably friends
  • Cake: Have your wedding cake delivered on time.
  • Flowers & Decorations: Have all the decorations and flowers ready the day before the wedding.
  • Photos: Hiring of the right wedding photographers.
  • Food & Beverages: Order more meals per head than actual people invited.
  • Transportation: Arrange proper transportation for yourself, family, friends and people coming out of town.
  • Some Important People: Wedding planners, alternate vendors and photographers.

These are some details that if not taken seriously, could ruin your marriage:

Proper contingency plans for bad weather conditions: During the wedding day, some unexpected things can occur such as bad weather conditions like hail, tornado etc. They should always focus on making arrangements for alternates.

Providing Extra Seats and meals per head for the Ceremony: Always ensure that you have extra seats and make arrangement of food more than the actual number of people invited, to ensure no one is left out.

Arrangements for Allergies and Restrictions Diet: Carry out a quick census of every guest that your are inviting and deal with if anyone is allergic to certain types of food products or if they are restricted by their doctors on a particular diet.

Ready up a Not-To-Playlist with your DJ: Like all other lists, plan the songs that you want to be played on at your wedding ceremony to avoid the chances of having any inappropriate song(s) being played.

Plan for Wedding2

Allotment of budget and time efficiently: Right from the start of the wedding preparation, make sure that you make the right and enough time and budget division in order to avoid anything affecting the entire wedding planning.

Confirmation of arrangements with vendors and chances of overtime: Ensure from your vendors that they stay prepared in terms of date, time, and place. Affirm that your vendors can stay & serve over time if needed and also the closing time before you can officially check mark them from a to do list.

Clear All The Dues You would not want some bills or pending payments to interrupt with your wedding ceremony. Make sure that you make and complete all the payments that are due.

Assign People to receive gifts: Designate the responsibility to someone like groomsmen, bridesmaids, family member or close friend to collect all the gifts that the guests bring you on the wedding day to avoid that burden on yourself.

Some Small but potentially dangerous interceptions

Know When the Sun Will Set: Planning wedding out in the open? Avoid the mistake of setting up the wedding ceremony on the wrong side where sunlight is directly falling on the eyes of the guests.

  • Have Pets? Have someone reliable to look after the needs of your pets if you have any, so that you can put away your focus from that.
  • Have change of clothing available: Make sure that you have dresses for every arranged event so that you can dress up for it appropriately.
  • Have someone to help with your Wedding Dress: Sometimes it’s often easier to have someone assist you so that you don’t have to deal with that consistent stress off from you.

Important Details for before Wedding

Make the Engagement Ring Shiny and sparkly: Make sure that you have your ring spark & shiny a day or two before the wedding day, as it get a huge attention and everyone would want to have a look at it.
Avoid honeymoon preparation: Ensure that you have all the necessary arrangements ready for your honeymoon.