Take a look at any website that is related to furniture pieces. Aren’t all the pieces awe-worthy? Similarly, the content at King Living in Singapore is jaw-dropping. What is a home without some essential furniture pieces? Regardless of how you have decorated your house, some items give it that complete feeling of a home. Every house has dining, sofas, beds, wardrobes, and all the other furniture that is an essential part of the living. In the same way, every home has a few extra furniture pieces as well, and without them, a certain void is felt.
You may not feel the presence of these items all the time but, if they are not sitting at their right place, their absence is bothersome. It can be a sleek console, a sofa that can be used as a guest bed, or a stylish coffee table.

The fun part is that sometimes, these ‘silent’ homemaking-pieces serve a double purpose. For example, an ottoman with a storage box underneath can be used as a seat, a table, and a storage box. If the ottoman is strong enough, it can be used as a short stool too. Following is a discussion of 5 must-have furniture pieces for every house.
Console: traditionally, a console refers to a narrow table with decorative front legs. This table is attached to the wall with the help of console brackets. Today, the consoles come as sleek independent tables and are usually placed in narrow spaces like a foyer.
Back in olden times, the consoles were used to hold memorable decorative pieces, achievement awards, or family picture frames. Now, the role has changed for the consoles. Now, they are being used as tables for vanity’s, laptops, sofa’s, and buffet tables in the dining area. If you own an extraordinary console and want to direct focus towards it, there are multiple ways to do it. One way is by placing an attractive mirror on top or a piece of art on the wall above. There is no chance anyone can miss out on noticing the console.

The coffee table: whether you are a coffee lover or not, a coffee table holds a special place in every house. So much so, that its presence is greatly missed in case a home doesn’t have one. Unlike its name, it has multiple purposes and is not just used for coffee. It is a big table that is usually placed at the center of a sofa arrangement or on the center rug. You can call it the main table. This table connects all the other elements of the living room and serves as a focal point. Everything else surrounds this table as this is the centerpiece of the room. So make it more attractive you can order minimalist coffee table online, and make your room look more beautiful.

You can place beautiful fresh flower arrangements for a formal touch on the table. Usually, this table is used to put magazines, decorative pieces, or daily use items in a simple setup. An innovative design in the market comes with built-in storage compartments underneath the coffee table. This is an excellent example of a design meeting functionality.
Pouf: a pouf comes in many variations. A ‘pouf’ literally refers to a stuffed sphere-shaped seat, used as informal seating. The poufs can be brightly colored in contrast to the overall décor of the room or covered with a floral upholstery to match the dainty décor theme. These pieces add a stylish look and can accommodate guests if you run out of chairs at times of a large gathering. Poufs can be easily moved and placed at any desired spot in the house.
Bean bags are the cousins to poufs. They serve the same purpose with a slightly different look and shape. They are more on the informal side. These pieces are great when placed in the living room.

A more formal variation of the pouf is an ottoman. These are more like small seats or stools with short legs.

Tall Verticle shelf: This essential piece of furniture is bound to be found in every household. When you have too many souvenirs to show off or several small decorative pieces received as gifts, scented candles, or a good collection of books, the answer to displaying everything is on a tall verticle shelf. These tall shelves are ideally placed at a visible corner of the room. The shelves come in all types of sizes and materials with regard to durability. A strong one is mostly made of metal. It can hold heavy books and the likes, while a delicate one will fall easily if laden with a lot of weight. Choose the one that best suits your needs and the décor of your house.

The tall verticle shelves have evolved over the years. In the places where floor space is limited, these tall shelves are installed in the walls.
Bar cart
Bar cart: this is a sleek table or a collection of shelves, ideally having wheels. You can easily fill it up with food delicacies and roll it elegantly inside the room, right in front of your guests. No back and forth from the kitchen and no more laden hands and space issues. Traditionally, the bar cart was used to serve a collection of liqueur bottles to the guests, hence the name. You can still use it for the same purpose, though.

Modern bar carts are made of acrylic, plastic, and sometimes wood, unlike the old metallic ones. When you think of the innovative ways to use the bar cart, endless ideas start flowing. You can use it as a laptop table, or a coffee and tea station for your guests. Moreover, it can also be used as a decorative table or as a spa console in a large bathroom. The wheels provide easy mobility, which is a win-win.


These are just a few of the many essential pieces which are mostly found in every house. These pieces not only bring a homely feeling to the house but are functional too. You do not buy furniture frequently. It is best to spend your money on items that are of premium quality, complement your space, and can be easily fitted into most setups. A piece that may look good with only a specific type of decor may be totally useless in the future if used with any other kind of decorative theme.

Weigh down your options and see if these things can easily be upgraded if needed in the future. If you are looking for something for temporary use, go for a used item or an inferior quality item at a lower price. It is advised to buy less but to buy wisely.