Contemporary furniture adds value to your house, communicates the type of person you are, your sense of style, among other qualities. Therefore, getting quality furniture should be considered an important task. Your choice of furniture should generally be aesthetic, strong, and durable, among other furniture qualities. Discussed below are some of the tips you should consider while acquiring furniture.

You should know your wood types

You should know your wood types
There exist three major wood categories, namely veneers, solid wood and particle board or composite wood. Solid wood furniture often has very high aesthetic appeal and is a little bit more expensive compared to the other types. However, it is not immune to water rings and scratches. Veneers, on the other hand, aren’t as costly thanks to their cheaper cores. Particleboards are the most inexpensive wood types, made from combining plastics, wood pulp, and resin. However, they do not last for many decades.

Inspect the drawers and cabinets

In your quest to acquire quality contemporary furniture in London, you should be sure to check cabinets and drawers thoroughly. Ensure that they are operational and can pull out, can latch properly, and shut evenly. Test the doors as well, ensuring they can open, stay open, and can be shut again seamlessly. You should also check the handles to ensure they are firm and do not appear loose.

Take your lifestyle into account

Your lifestyle usually dictates what colors and fabrics suit you. You should, therefore, consider this. If you have young kids or pets always climbing on existing furniture, you should probably avoid bright colors or loose furniture with loose clothing. Instead, go for darker colors and sturdy fabrics, which are strain-resistant like tweed or linen.

Inspect the base

Inspect the base
Ideally, furniture legs should be wood that is heavy and jointed to the chair frame, and not nailed to it. Rubber, plastic, or metal legs don’t have a visual appeal and can break your floors. Therefore, ensure you check the base to confirm that the furniture you are getting best suits your home.

Inspect the springs

For firm sofas, look for those that have traditional coiled springs. For softer feels, you can go with zigzag coils. Before making your purchase, remove the cushions and press down the sofa base to see the types of spring’s present, if any. Ideally, the coils should quickly push down and immediately spring up back into place.

Subject the cushions to testing

The cushions should be firm with matching removable covers on both sides. Studies show that firm cushions are more durable. Fully covered cushions may cost a bit more compared to ones without the same cover on both sides. However, they tend to last longer and can be subjected to wear and tear since you can quickly flip them over after some time. You should, therefore, look for easy to clean removable covers.
Subject the cushions to testing


Getting quality furniture is in the best interest of your taste, lifestyle, and even cost reduction. Therefore, you should use the tips discussed in this article to facilitate your purchase of quality contemporary furniture in London. The results will be durable, beautiful furniture that blends with your lifestyle.