Around 44% of UK households have pets, with 27% of these being households with dogs. If you are considering adopting a furry friend or already have one then here are a few ways to ensure your home is comfortable for both you and your pets.

Have a space for them

A place to play is an important part of your pet’s day so you should look to create a space just for them where possible! You want to avoid letting them run riot around the whole house at risk of feeling overwhelmed by the mess they are likely to create.

Opt for a designated ‘play space’ that your dog knows is perfect for playtime. This space can store their traditional chew toys and a few other essential items such as their comfortable donut bed, food and water bowls and puzzle toys to keep them entertained.  A bored dog is much more likely to be destructive, so it is in your best interests to provide them entertainment!

Consider flooring

Having flooring that is easy to clean is a lifesaver when it comes to toilet training and muddy walks. As such, you may want to avoid carpets, particularly in the main entryway of your home at risk of them getting covered in dirt. Laminate flooring is a great option here, as well as stone or ceramic tiles as they are easy to clean and make laying down puppy pads simple. These types of flooring also don’t scratch easily like hardwood floors, ensuring that your flooring stays fresh for much longer.

Pay attention to your space

You may run into some problems if your space does not consider your pooch’s clumsy paws and wagging tail. An easy mistake to make if bringing a pet home for the first time is not accounting for all the accidents that may happen when it comes to them bumping into things and breaking them. As such, you will want to avoid low tables with breakables such as candles and glass ornaments sitting atop. Instead, move these higher up and out of the way of your pet’s path.

You should also look to puppy-proof areas of your home where your pet will be left alone in. This includes taping up or tucking away any electrical cords that your dog could chew or claw and keeping any potential choking hazards out of the way. If you’ve had kids you will know how dangerous small objects can be if ingested so things such as loose change and small toys should be kept out of reach at risk of choking.

Be wary of plants

Unfortunately, many indoor plants can be toxic to inquisitive pets if they ingest them. Some of the most common plants include Lilies, Aloe Vera, Ivy and Pothos so be sure to do some research on non-toxic plants if you like a home filled with greenery.

Move chemicals away

Nowadays there are plenty of everyday household products that can be highly toxic to pets so you should be sure to keep them out of reach or in a locked cupboard. Cleaning products like bleach, drain cleaner and anything containing ammonia can make your pet sick or even kill smaller pets if they have enough exposure. Instead, you should opt for chemical-free products or even make your own.